The One Plus Size Style Tip I Wish I’d Known About Sooner


Plus Size Style Tips


Over the years I have read all manner of plus size styling tips and tricks to hide this, accentuate that, flatter my size and style my body in all kinds of ways. After trying them all (and yeah, I really have tried them all!!) it turns out the only one that ever really mattered is the one that took me the longest to discover…

Plus Size Style Tips


And that’s pretty much it. Whatever your style, whatever you want to wear… wear it.


The size and shape of your body does not automatically rule you out of wearing certain things, that’s down to your personal taste or choice. You can, and will, look incredible in the things that you want to wear rather than the things we get told we ‘should’ be wearing.


So give it a go, just try stuff on; some of the things I never thought in a million years I could ‘get away with’ have now become solid wardrobe staples. We all deserve to have fun and experiment with fashion. You deserve to wear clothes that you enjoy.

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