A Sunny Day Out: Blaise Castle

A Sunny Day Out: Blaise Castle

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Sunny Day Out


For my very first post, and while I’m getting to grips with how WordPress works, I thought I would kick things off with a chat about a recent day out walking around the Blaise Castle folly with my boyfriend and his family. I even got the pictures ready and everything. However, as these things usually do, it became a bit of a directionless ramble introducing myself and what I’m doing here.


How things stand at the moment; my boyfriend and I have just moved over 500 miles away from pretty much everyone we know, to live together in Dundee while he finishes his PhD. I’m not finding this new isolation too unpleasant yet, but it is one of the reasons I started a blog.


Blaise Castle Bristol


When I first met my boyfriend we were both living and working in Bristol, but he was also studying for his PhD – part time – with the University of Dundee. This meant that he did a massive commute up to Dundee every now and again to fit in meetings with his tutor and, whilst not ideal, he made it work.


When he managed to finally secure full time funding for his second year studies onwards, we were faced with the prospect of either a long distance relationship (urgh), or long distance full time study for him (near impossible). In the end we settled for a third option, and we moved to Dundee last month!


In the few weeks that I have been in this new city, mooching about and looking for work, I’ve realised that I’m in a position I’ve not been in for a long time: I have spare time. Time to take up a hobby. I have blogged A LOT over the years, including a photography blog, a very old Tumblr which documented my disastrous experiences with online dating, a blog where I took requests for poems and short stories to read out twice a week, and a recent-ish one where I illustrated people’s favourite literary quotes and song lyrics for them (with added dicks).


The takeaway was: I always loved blogging, but I always ran out of steam and / or time. Life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it?


Blaise Castle Bristol


So with this new spare time I decided I’d return to my first love, which is styling clothes, and write my own plus size fashion (or fatshion) blog. It’s not easy to know what this blog will eventually to be, or even how long it will run for, but I do know it is coming from a good place in my head and my heart. We can all absolutely wear what we want, enjoy fashion, and be into fashionable clothes. Screw anyone who tells you otherwise!


I’m a huge bargain hunter, and I’m perpetually broke, so I shouldn’t imagine this blog will ever veer too far into ‘aspirational’ territory: I want to bring you bold fatshion with budget realness. I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me!

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