The Wedding Planning Diaries; Two Months To Go!

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Unbelievably it’s July already, so I thought I’d take a moment on this lovely Tuesday to update you on how it’s all going with an instalment of the wedding planning diaries. I spoke a little last year about my trouble navigating wedding planning as a plus size person and reading it back it feels like eons ago. I can’t believe just how long we have been planning and arranging this do, and now we have a little under two months to go… just seven weeks.

Wedding Planning Update Selfie
 Wedding Planning Update Riverside Venue

We find ourselves in a bit of a quiet period. All the big stuff has been arranged: the venue (of which there’s a sneaky peek in the picture above), the transport, the registry office, the guests etc… We’ve put down all our deposits and the balance of most things are due next month. I’ve noticed that wedding planning seems to happen in fits and starts, there are intense periods of activity where it feels like you can’t think about anything else, and then it’s all shelved for weeks on end as – due to either budget or time – there isn’t really much you can do for a while.

The one constant, something you can pick up and get on with at any time from day one, seems to be the DIY. Not everyone opts for a heavily DIY wedding, and omg I did not want to commit to making things, but in order to keep everything within our modest budget we’ve had to get crafty. I’m making all of the decor, I made the invites and the website, I made my bag. It’s been an ongoing saga, and the pile of things still left to finish is ever growing (see below), but I’m getting through it by telling myself it will all be worth it in the end.

 Wedding Planning Update Huge DIY Pile

In a similar vein, charity shops and jumble sales are king right now. One of the longest running non-DIY projects we have had to complete is the buying of between 30 and 40 second hand vases for the flowers we’ll be having out on the tables. This has been a relatively easy thing to do, and we tend to pop into the local charity shops a few times a month when one of us has a spare tenner to spend.

The next project for me, outside of everything DIY, is all things to do with my look for the day. Firstly, there are my dress alterations. I’m a tiny bit apprehensive because last time I tried the dress on, I had a bit of a wobble and decided I hated everything about it. I still don’t understand why that happened; it’s the same dress I found and loved a few months ago. However, I’m remaining calm and trying to reserve any final judgement until the alterations have taken place because – well – I can’t afford a new one!

Wedding Planning Update Foundation Woes

Secondly, I’m in the midst of tracking down a new foundation to wear for the wedding. My one and only true Holy Grail base product, a BB cream by Dr. Jart, has been discontinued. This is something I only became aware of when I ran out a few months ago and realised I couldn’t rebuy it anywhere, so I’m currently up to my eyes in various samples until find a suitable replacement. So far nothing has been quite right, but I’m planning to try the IT Cosmetics CC Cream [affiliate link] next as it sounds like a very similar product to the Dr. Jart that I loved so much.

Finally, I’m very happy to report that there’s only been one major crisis in the whole wedding planning process: for a number of reasons over the summer we needed to dip into our wedding budget which meant we had to scrap some of the things we’d wanted to do for our day. It was really scary to reach that point, and it prompted a mammoth replanning and rejigging session (which absolutely had to happen at the pub because we needed a pint to get through it)! But it worked, as we managed to shave some £££ off the cost and reorder the day until we were happy with how things looked again.

Wedding Planning Update

And that’s where we are up to now. With two months to go Andrew’s attire is completely sorted, I’m 75% there with my look, and the party will go ahead whether I finish the decorations or not! It’s been equal parts enjoyable and stressful, I’ve tried my best to keep things in perspective and fend off any creeping angst but that’s not always something I have had control over. I’ll be so happy when it’s done and all I have left to do is enjoy getting, then being, married.

With that in mind, starting sometime in August I’ll be putting the blog on a short holiday until some time near the end of September (I’ll be around on my Instagram and Twitter as usual though). I want to do my best to avoid a full flare up of my chronic pain and completely chill in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Then I’m planning to take some time to relax, decompress, and enjoy our honeymoon after the wedding. After all, it’ll be the end of a 20 month journey, and what a journey it’s been! 

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