There’s No Such Thing as the Perfect Proposal

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I’m completely nosey so I love engagement stories. The small ones, the silly ones, the magical ones. The grand gestures, the intimate ones, and the ones caught on video that go viral; I lap that shit up. I didn’t always love to read engagement tales mind you, they used to make me feel kinda crappy, so I fully understand that side of the coin. And I get that some people aren’t into getting engaged at all (believe me, I’ve been of that opinion too). However, today I’m coming at the sharing of these special little moments of our lives from a place of complete positivity, despite what the clickbait-y title might initially suggest.

Perfect Proposal

There can be a hell of a lot of pressure and emphasis placed on the person doing the proposing getting it ‘right’. As if the securing of a yes depends solely on that one moment so it has to be spot on. If any potential proposers are reading this, please try to see through the pressure to do more / spend more / be more and just enjoy the ride. I know it’s easier said than done, but really; as much as I likely wouldn’t have turned my nose up at an all singing, all dancing, insta-perfect proposal I’m also really relived that I didn’t get one.

My partner waited to propose until I was sat in my pants under a duvet in our Air BnB. We’d just eaten a Katsu curry that he made in the apartment’s kitchen, which was slightly burned because he mistook balsamic vinegar for oil. We were tipsy, he was nervous, but it was lovely.

We’d spent the day in Edinburgh, checking out the art galleries and the Christmas lights, then had the obligatory Christmas drink in The Dome. At any point during such a lush day the proposal would have been magical, but the fact that he considered I would have hated an audience for that kind of moment was pretty perfect to me. Even if I was in my pants at the time.

Perfect Proposal

The more I’ve spoken with people in my life, both online and in person, the more I realise that real life proposals usually aren’t glossy. Behind even the most perfect engagement stories there are the ‘not so perfect’ bits: the massive argument in the car about 10 minutes before the prearranged spot was reached, the photographer hired to covertly capture the moment who completely missed the crucial shot, that one drink too many to calm the nerves that resulted in the night becoming a wash out and the question not popped until the next day.

One of my favourites is a classic non-proposal; a decision to marry reached during a laid back, early morning conversation in bed before the kids woke up.

It’s all of these unglossy bits that make every proposal story special. It’s what makes your story unique to you, and what makes it real and beautifully human. So maybe there is such a thing as the perfect engagement story after all. Maybe not glossy perfect, Instagram perfect, or cynical attempt to go viral perfect; but for all it’s silliness ours is perfect to us and I’m sure yours was (or will be) perfect to you too.

Oh, and if you’re wondering whether writing this means I want to hear your engagement stories then yes I absolutely do!! Please feel free to share in the comments below, how was your proposal story uniquely perfect to you?

This post marks the beginning of wedding related pieces appearing here on the blog. The style and beauty posts will continue and make up the majority of my writing here, but occasionally I’ll be sharing my wedding experiences as a plus size, spoonie bride. I can’t wait!

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