Vincenzo Allocca Floral Trousers with Navabi; A Versatile Statement Piece

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As its getting on for late summer I’m starting to consciously pick out some good quality transitional pieces that will help me to navigate the ups and downs of the ever changeable Scottish weather. Pieces that will get me through a sunny morning, a downpour in the afternoon, and then gale force winds of an evening.

The main thing I’ve realised will help with all those conditions, and that I have a severe lack of in my wardrobe at the moment, is trousers. So this beautiful floral pair [gifted] have slotted in to my regular wear roster with ease. As they are such a statement I have decided to style them in two different ways today: dressed up and dressed down, to show just how versatile a bright and bold piece like this can actually be.

Navabi Floral Trousers
Navabi Floral Trousers

Firstly, I’m dressing them up. I decided to style the trousers as ankle grazers with heels and a boldly patterned shirt. As I’m 5’10”, trouser length is a constant battle and trousers that only come in one length are frequently too short, but in this case, they cut off exactly at my ankle bone which is pretty nice. To achieve a more pronounced ankle grazer look I turned the trousers up and in on themselves a little so the extra fabric is inside the trouser leg, the material is great quality so stayed turned up all day.

I really wanted to mix my prints for this look, as the chunky platform heels are black I chose a shirt with a primarily black pattern to balance out the bright floral of the trousers. This shirt is one of my oldest favourites, a past season buy from George at ASDA. The eagle eyed amongst you might also notice that I found another excuse to use my Skinnydip mermaid bag too, so I’m very happy about that!

Navabi Floral Trousers
Navabi Floral Trousers

My necklace is from the Black Heart Creatives Subscription Box, which is wonderful idea that sends you everything you need to make your own piece of jewellery through your letterbox every month based on a different theme each time. This one, as you might be able to guess, was from the February Valentines themed box.

For the dressed down look, I was very much looking forward to getting back into flats so I cuffed the trousers into more of a capri length by turning them up in a usual fashion and wore my trusty Dr. Martens t-bar shoes. I went with a block colour top this time, a black roll neck from H&M’s main basics range, and wore simple gold-tone jewellery.

I’m really loving bold patterned bottoms with a more muted solid coloured top for this coming season and I’m really happy with how this turned out. The rest of the outfit really lets the trousers speak for themselves and the gold tone jewellery pulls together with the gold tone fittings on the backpack.

Navabi Floral Trousers
Navabi Floral Trousers

Overall these trousers are a delight! The print is gorgeous, I do love a loud floral whatever season it is. The trousers are soft, comfortable and incredibly easy to wear. They are made from stretch cotton fabric which helps to resist creases and hold shape. I spent a whole day wearing these: walking around and sitting down and they didn’t stretch out too much at all.

They are mid-rise and the waistband is part fixed, part elasticated, fastening with a zip fly at the front. There are no pockets, but I can understand why as I feel that if there were it would spoil the line of the hips.

I’m wearing a UK22 and they fit perfectly, I’m between a standard size UK20 and UK22 at present so if you are also between sizes I would recommend sizing up once.

For transitional pieces, it’s definitely a possible to pick up a couple of good quality versatile items with bright and bold patterns to help cheer yourself up as the weather starts to turn. Never be afraid to mix your patterns either, I have written previously about the joys of pattern mixing with some tips here, but similarly a block colour or muted colour can be just as strong a statement.

Most important really is to have fun with your transitional wardrobe, and if you’re choosing your investment pieces for the coming season consider how versatile they could really be.

Trousers (both looks): Vincenzo Allocca c/o Navabi [gifted]
Lip Colour (both looks): Seventeen Lasting Fix Lip Colour in Pink Power

Shirt (look 1): Old Season George at ASDA
Shoes (look 1): Primark
Bag (look 1): Skinnydip London
Necklace (look 1): Black Heart Creatives

Roll Neck (look 2): H&M basics main range
Shoes (look 2): Dr. Martens
Bag (look 2): ASOS
Necklace (look 2): eBay
Earrings (look 2): Old Season Topshop

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