Wide Fit Summer Shoes; My Top Picks for SS16

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Wide Fit Summer Shoes

I have been so uninspired by shoes over the last couple of seasons, alternating between my trusty Dr. Martens and a pair of New Look trainers for most occasions. However, this season so many of my favourite stockists of wide fit shoes have seriously upped their game with their footwear ranges. So of course, I went window shopping all over the place and now have a summer shoe wishlist as long as my arm!

I have whittled it down for you to my 5 absolute favourites that will keep you looking stylish all summer without costing you a small fortune.

Wide Fit Summer Footwear

1.)  ASOS SINEAD Wide Fit Lace Up Heels

I’m really not a huge fan of heels these days, so these lovely neon yellow lace up pumps are about as high as I’m prepared to go for prolonged wear (well… worn with the caveat that I know I’m going somewhere which will be 80% sitting down). I love the angular block heel and the lace up feature at the ankle, the almond shaped toe really balances the whole shoe out making for a comfortable little pair of cheerful summer shoes.

2.) Sole Diva Cross Strap Mule 

These are half Birkenstock, half slider and I’m definitely here for it! To be absolutely honest, everything leopard print gets a free pass as far as I’m concerned. The thick cross over straps look comfy and accommodating and I can’t see any opportunity for rubbing and pinching in the design. As they’re from Simply Be they come in a variety of width fittings too, which is a wonderful bonus!

3.) Rose Gold & White Cleated Platform Sandal in Wide Fit

Will you just look at these precious beauties. Yours Clothing are hitting it right out of the park with their footwear right now and it’s all so affordable, these platform sandals are only £19!  They come in a variety of colours and the rose gold version shown here has balmy summer evenings written all over them. I’m 100% going to order a pair as soon as I’ve finished writing this post.

4.) New Look Wide Fit Tan Leather Beaded Pom Pom Ghillie Sandals

Okay how cute are these guys? The colours and the pompoms, they’re adorable! They are already wide fit but the fact these lace all the way from the toe up to the ankle means they can be adjusted to fit most foot widths. It also means they can be readjusted throughout the day when your feet start getting a little weary.

5.) Vagabond Dioon

It’s difficult to beat Vagabond in the ‘ugly beautiful’ shoe game. Every pair of Vagabonds I have owned I have been initially unsure about but ended up wearing them until they fell apart; these are no exception. So comfortable, so current and quietly elevating the tone of every outfit I wear them with!

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