The Summer Maxi Skirt; Shopping Your Own Wardrobe

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This outfit has been a long time coming, whilst Scotland definitely got spring with gusto, I thought summer was never going to come. My summer pieces from last year have finally been put back into my wardrobe and I can start to look at this season’s collections. This year though, before grabbing anything new, I’m trying to be more mindful of what I already own.

By going through everything in my wardrobe and taking a moment to consider what I have, I realised that this old season khaki maxi skirt from Simply Be and cream shirt from Peacocks look great together!

Plus Size Fashion - Simply Be Khaki Skirt Peacocks Cream Shirt
Plus Size Fashion - Simply Be Khaki Skirt Peacocks Cream Shirt

How to Shop Your Own Wardrobe

I have been seeing the term ‘shop your own wardrobe’ or ‘shop your closet’ around the internet for a few years. Whilst the name might be a little bit irritating, the premise is great: you spend an evening with your wardrobe pulling everything off the hangers and then trying every last item on. If something doesn’t fit, or is damaged in a way that you can’t repair, chuck it to one side. After that first wave, look through the ‘keep’ pile and if something really isn’t your style any more or isn’t useful then chuck that to one side too.

At this point you will have a pile of clothes that fit you, are in good repair, and are totally your style. Get some friends round to hang out (the promise of first dibs on anything you want to get rid of should help!), get some music on and play dress up. Some fresh eyes on the things you already own really helps to put new outfits together.

If the thought of a clothes party fills you with dread, then by all means do the same alone or with a close friend / partner. The point of it just to spend some time with the clothes that you own and think of new ways to wear them, for me it has really helped with that feeling of looking at a full to bursting wardrobe but always having ‘nothing to wear’.

If you decide to have a go then my best advice is to be ruthless: if you don’t love it just get rid of it. Donate the clothes in good repair to charity, or eBay them, it’s up to you. Even the clothes that are damaged can be recycled either for charity or for cash.

Plus Size Fashion - Simply Be Khaki Skirt Peacocks Cream Shirt

Plus Size Fashion - Simply Be Khaki Skirt Peacocks Cream Shirt

Shirt: Peacocks (old season) / Skirt: Simply Be (old season) / Trainers: New Look / Socks: ASOS / Bag: Charity Shop (thrifted) / Sunglasses: ASOS (old season) / Earrings: Black Heart Creatives

Outfit Style Notes

I feel like I’m ready for my holidays in this outfit, the colours and textures are fresh and comfortable. The maxi skirt is made of a jersey fabric with a thick elasticated waistband and pockets. Simply Be maxi skirts are usually quite good for length, and this one is no different, long enough for me even with the added inch or two my flatform trainers give.

The shirt is longline, but here I tied it up at the waist to shorten it and it turns out I really like the look! The bag is an old charity shop find; if you can only buy one colour of handbag, go with this kind of rich tan, I’m yet to find an outfit that it doesn’t go with.

The maxi skirt is one of my favourite summer items because it’s so versatile and incredibly easy to wear, especially jersey ones that have the flowy look to them like this one does. I usually size down in jersey maxi skirts, this is a UK18 and it fits me with room to spare.

Plus Size Fashion - Simply Be Khaki Skirt Peacocks Cream Shirt
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A quick word about the trainers; they’re available from New Look in a range of colours. I usually go for wide fit at New Look, but these are from the standard range and as they are lace up I can adjust them to make them really comfortable.

I love the big, gold earrings; aren’t they brilliant? I can’t stop wearing them at the moment. They’re from the Palm Bling collection at Black Heart Creatives, who are fast becoming one of my favourite places for big, bold jewellery.

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