Elevating Average Outfits With A Statement Coat

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It’s no secret that I’m a massive nerd for colour. If I like a piece of clothing and there’s more than one colourway I’m always drawn to the brightest option. In the recent past this tendency has made building outfits hard as I’d have to pick my way through a bunch of clashing shades and prints to pull something together. When I rebalanced my wardrobe recently, I consciously added some much needed neutrals into the mix for the days that I simply don’t have the energy for outfit planning. When I turn to those more neutrals, I’ve found that wearing a statement coat helps me feel a little more special and fools people into thinking my whole outfit is great.

I realised I’d been doing this ‘average outfit but cool coat’ trick a lot as I started to head outside again after my winter hibernation. For me, it made it all look put together and felt much more interesting. I could be wearing any old crap underneath the coat but feel stylish. I have a particular preference for brightly coloured heavy wool coats, so it’s just as well I live in Scotland where I can get more wear out of them for longer in the year. I definitely go for double breasted styles most often, but I tend to wear them open so you can see any layering, block colours, or prints underneath.

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Unfortunately, a brand new fancy coat can be incredibly expensive. This doesn’t fit with my budget conscious ethos so I’ve built up my collections mainly by scouring eBay. I’ve found post-Christmas in particular is a great time to pick up a bargain; someone else’s unwanted present is my fabulous gain! If you aren’t keen on eBay or second hand clothing in general, browsing the spring and summer sales of high street and online stores is the perfect time to grab something nice.

Can this statement coat wearing be called a styling hack? Maybe so. or it has been for me at least. I struggle very much lately with what to wear that I’ll feel nice but also comfortable in. Sometimes I just can’t decide, then get a little foggy and upset, so I’ll just wear black in order to get out the door. A fancy coat helps me on those days. So maybe this is a styling hack for my chronic illness, or as a hack used to be known as: ‘a good idea’.

Now we’re approaching spring and it’s the perfect time for statement coats and jackets. There is much more flexibility to wear them open, and those heavier winter woollen coats are starting to show up in the sale! I’ve always said comfort is key and chucking on a statement coat is a saviour for a chill comfy outfit, not every week is fashion week after all. Let’s hear it for the humble statement coat, doing the hard work to elevate boring looks since their invention.

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