My Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe: Fuerteventura

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At the very end of last year, just before Christmas, we waved goodbye to the short dark days in the UK – which in all honestly were starting to make me a bit miserable – and scampered off to Fuerteventura for a week. We chose Fuerteventura for two main reasons: the warm winter temperatures and the complete absence of mosquitoes. It’s the first beach / pool holiday I’ve been on for a long old time and I planned to do absolutely nothing other than lie around, eat, and let the sun warm my face, my bones, and my SOUL.

I almost didn’t post this mini roundup because most of what I wore for this holiday were old faithfuls; comfortable sunny weather outfits both in the day and in the evenings, but I took some snaps anyway of my favourite ones to share with you. Inspired by my Berlin city break wardrobe post, there aren’t any high quality images here I’m afraid. I find myself enjoying posing for pictures less and less, which I suppose is a problem for a blogger isn’t it?

plus size holiday wardrobe ASOS Curve

First up is this ASOS Curve midi dress [affiliate link], I’ve linked to this many, many times before because it’s just so damn easy to wear and a total wardrobe staple for me. At home I most often wear it with something layered over the top, but because the temperature was so mild in Fuerteventura I was able to wear it on its own in the evenings.

For an evening meal and drinks I teamed it with my current fave wide fit Milly Star flats [affiliate link] and some chunky gold hoops. ASOS Curve do a version of this strappy dress every year; I love, love, love how you can chuck it on and feel great… simple yet effective.

plus size holiday wardrobe Simply Be

Next up is a daytime mooching about outfit, which I wore when we found a gorgeous rooftop terrace bar that served what I feel to be the best breakfast on the island (which included fried bread!!) and cheap beer. I’m very fond of a classic floaty skirt and strappy top combination in the hot weather.

Believe it or not, the pleated skirt is made of velour [affiliate link] but even though it’s such a heavy, wintery material I remained lovely and cool. I know the sunglasses make me look a bit like a bug but they were an absolute bargain from eBay and I adore them.

plus size holiday wardrobe beach to beach bikini

I LOVE THIS BIKINI [affiliate link]! The print couldn’t be more me if it tried with its teal tiger stripes over a monochrome leopard print. As much as I love the bikini, I made such a performance over wearing it at the beach with no cover up as I had an attack of self consciousness completely out of the blue.

By the very last day I wore the bikini happily; felt the sand beneath my feet, swam in the sea, got the sun on my belly, and fully loved and appreciated every moment of it. I wish I had ditched the cover ups earlier in the holiday, but there is no accounting for when this sort of nonsense can strike, and it really can happen to anyone no matter how accepting you generally are about your body.

plus size holiday wardrobe vintage sundress

This vintage sundress has been with me for many, many years and across many, many dress sizes but it’s not very often I get to wear it without layers being involved somehow. I was even able to go braless because of the lace up back which I pulled a little tighter than usual to keep everything in place.

And of course the one night I was slinking about without a bra on ended up being the night I decided to belt out drunk karaoke, but that’s a story I will never be relaying as I may just cringe myself inside out if I think about it too much.

A lace up back is one of the things I look out for when I buy second hand as the percentage of vintage or second hand garments available in plus sizes is pretty small. Whilst admittedly not ideal, often I’ll try to ‘hack’ smaller sizes to fit me or specifically look out for certain features which mean smaller sizes will adapt to my body.

Other things to look out for are shirring, elasticated waists, anything oversized (or in the ‘mens’ section if the shop has split its stock by gender), or a large seam allowance meaning it can be taken out a reasonable amount.

plus size holiday wardrobe topsy curvy shirt dress

Last, but certainly not least, is another very excellent print which reminds me of old school MTV graphics. I simply had to have this Topsy Curvy shirt dress when I saw it in promotional photographs from 2017’s Curve Fashion Festival catwalk. It’s cold shoulder but in a way that’s roomy enough for me to put my arms through the cold shoulder ruffle and wear it as a sleeveless style.

Some pieces that I didn’t photograph but still deserve honourable mentions include a couple of pairs of the lace trimmed big tights chub rub shorts which saved me from sore thighs again, this oversized ASOS Tall jumper dress which kept me so incredibly comfortable while I travelled both there and back, and my old glittery strappy jumpsuit that lent itself to a warm evening of dinner and drinks surprisingly well!

There’ll be no holidays for me now until after the wedding in August as we’re planning on another laid back beach-type escape for the honeymoon. So between now and then I’ll just have to be content with looking back fondly on my holiday wardrobe snaps and looking forward to more travel.

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