Outfit Retrospective: What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

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In my last post I wrote about having the time and space this year to redefine, or even rediscover, the sort of clothes I want to wear. Although I’ve been posting outfit shots semi regularly over on Instagram, I haven’t shared anything I’ve worn in 2019 here at all. It’s time to rectify that with an outfit retrospective; it’s all well and good telling you that I’m wearing things I like, but it’s quite another being able to show you.

ASOS High Waisted Jeans and Tiger Print High Neck Top
ASOS Tiger Print High Neck Top

The biggest surprise to me has been finding out I’m fundamentally a ‘jeans and a nice top’ kind of woman, especially as I’ve struggled so much in my life to find decent jeans. I’ve documented my issues before with finding jeans that fit, yet it turns out that this genuinely is a combination that I turn to quite often, albeit usually with a pair of trainers rather than any particularly fancy footwear.

After revitalising my denim again with some ASOS Collusion high waisted jeans in washed blue [affiliate link], dark blue [affiliate link] and black [affiliate link], I started wearing fancier tops that I’d usually reserve to wear with skirts. The resulting ‘jeans and a nice top’ outfit has been my go to when I have no idea what to wear, whatever the weather.

Jeans and a Nice Top [affiliate links]

I love a good, simple smock dress but wearing one without tights in the summer isn’t something I usually do. However this summer I found myself wearing an above the knee dress [affiliate link].

I won’t lie, I still have a hard time leaving the house in things that are above the knee, but occasionally the weather was warm enough that I found I had to. I grabbed an old pair of ASOS cycling shorts to both prevent chub rub and help mitigate my worries about shorter hemlines, which I’m perfectly happy with, but maybe next year I’ll scrap the shorts completely.

Smock Dresses [affiliate links]

If I spent much of the first half of the year in jeans and trousers, late summer definitely saw a plethora of colourful maxi [affiliate link] and midi skirts [affiliate link]. My winning formula is a brightly patterned skirt with relatively plain shoes and tops.

I’ve also branched out in terms of the type of material the skirts are made of, wouldn’t have dreamt of wearing anything smooth and satiny for fear of instant creases, but the Neon Rose floral maxi [affiliate link] is surprisingly crease resistant and feels lovely on. I’ve worn it loads throughout August, and it hasn’t needed ironing which is a sweet bonus.

Colourful Midi and Maxi Skirts [affiliate links]

Lastly, it’s hard to tell how it looks due to the blazer, but I want to shout out wearing cami tops instead of vests or t-shirts. I have loads of them in my wardrobe but I’ve never been quite sure how to style them so ended up keeping them for ‘best’. Turns out that not only is the loose body of a swing cami lovely and cool, I’ve been able to wear them with more autumnal pieces (like the rust culottes above) on milder summer days.

Looking at this outfit retrospective has reinforced to me that – yeah – I’m pretty content with my wardrobe lately, and I’ve found it comforting to have a few tried and tested templates for outfits that I feel good wearing for when I just don’t know what to put on. Not every outfit has to be new and never seen before, comfort is key!

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