Pattern Mixing Like a Pro; Bold Florals by City Chic

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I absolutely love pulling together an outfit that almost looks like it was a bit of a mistake, so I’ve been really excited to see a lot of it happening in fashion circles lately. The term being used for it right now is ‘pattern mixing’ and I’m sure by now you’ll have seen plenty of it. I recently picked up a skirt by City Chic, the orangey red floral pattern immediately grabbed my attention and I knew exactly which one of my shirts I’d be wearing it with…. my trusty black and white polka dot number. So what better time to share some tips with you about mixing up patterns too?

Pattern Mixing
Pattern Mixing

This skirt is the first item I have ever tried from City Chic, I have seen lots of my American friends wearing various lovely pieces from there and always assumed it was a US brand. I had no idea that their range was available in the UK via Evans but I was pleased to find out.

I’ll come right out and say it: I love this skirt, the pattern is gorgeous and the material has the right amount of weight to give a lovely movement to it. It’s a half circle skirt, pleated rather than gathered at the waistband which adds fullness rather than bulk to the shape. It has pockets, it is bright orangey red and it has a big fat stylised floral pattern! Can you tell all this excites me?

The negative with the skirt, and I’m glad there’s only one, is that the waist comes up a little small. It’s a fixed waist anyway, which can be stiff and unforgiving at the best of times, but I’d definitely advise to size up once.

The polka dot shirt is very old, I bought it from Tesco back when a UK20 was a rare find in their F&F clothing. It has seen me through many summers and is a great starting point for a lot of my pattern mixing, as a strong black and white polka dot can act almost as a neutral to go with other, bolder patterns.

Pattern Mixing

If you want to give pattern mixing  go but are not sure where to start, here’s a few tips that I’ve picked up over the years:

  • Polka dots and leopard print will go with most other patterns, try using them almost like a universal neutral to build your outfit from.
  • A pattern of rounded shapes will mix brilliantly with a pattern consisting of lines (like chevrons or stripes).
  • If you find picking the patterns overwhelming, just match up similar colours and go from there.
  • If you aren’t a huge fan of patterns but still want in on the trend or want a more subtle look, try mixing horizontal and vertical stripes.
  • Lastly, my advice would be to just have fun with it. Mix it up with clashing patterns that you love and enjoy wearing; some of my favourite clashing outfits have been ones that I was so unsure of at first but ended up falling in love with.

And there you have it, my top tips for pattern mixing like a pro! If you decide to try then please let me know, I’d love to see what outfits you come up with and I always enjoy seeing new ways to work prints together.

Shirt: Old Season F&F / Skirt: City Chic / Shoes: Old Season Peacocks / Necklace: Wicked Queer via Etsy / Earrings: Old Season Topshop / Sunglasses: Local Market

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