Why I Love Buying Cheap Sunglasses

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I reckon that in the five or so years I’ve been writing here I’ve firmly established how much I hate buying needlessly expensive stuff. Take the humble pair of sunglasses as an example, the cost of that little piece of metal or plastic can run into the hundreds, which presents a problem because they’re easily my favourite accessory. At last count I’ve racked up around 50 pairs of sunglasses (please don’t read that as a brag they’ve taken years to collect), and I’ve not paid more than a fiver for any of them. In fact, the majority I picked up for less than a quid.

Why the big love for sunglasses? Well, when you’ve spent time dragged in and out of high street shops that don’t sell your size but you’d still like to pick up a little something, accessories become your passion whether you like it or not. I’ve found sunglasses to be a great way to inject a bit fun and fashion into my wardrobe. As fashions change so damn quickly, sunglasses shapes can come in and out of favour like a fiddler’s elbow so I pick up a few as trends change. Although the tiny ones are not for me, I gave them a miss last time they reared their ugly head and I’ve given them a miss now. A good pair of shades lend the illusion of purpose to every outfit and help you to look put together when you feel anything but. All of my many hangovers, illnesses, flares, and fatigue have been – and will continue to be – hidden behind a pair of cheap oversized sunnies.

As I like to pick up so many, and my budget is small, keeping them affordable is a must. Plus, who here hasn’t left their sunglasses on the train, on the roof of the car, or in the pub? Because I have, more than once, and if they’d ever cost me more than a couple of quid I’d have been devastated. I also find that if they’re cheap and cheerful, and I’m less attached to them, I take way more risks with the styles I choose. I’ve figured out certain shapes and sizes actually suit me that, had the sunnies been more expensive, I’d never have tried in a thousand years. So, if I’ve talked you round to my way of thinking with my campaign for cheap shades, let me give you my incredibly simple tips for finding some bargains of your own.

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Quick Tips For Buying Cheap Sunglasses

You all knew this was going to be the main tip, but seriously it’s all about eBay for me. Set up a search with a maximum price of a pound and have a browse through whenever you feel like it. I’m not too worried about waiting for postage from China or the US so I find loads for 99p. If you would rather filter your search by UK sellers only the lowest you’ll most often find is £2 or so, which is still a huge bargain. A quick note about postage from overseas, in 40+ transactions only 1 pair turned up damaged so I’m pretty happy with those odds.

If eBay isn’t for you, then I can’t overstate the usefulness of waiting for the sales or looking in the ‘outlet’ section of online stores for buying cheap sunglasses. This is especially useful if you aren’t bothered about trends, items from over a year ago frequently turn up in these sections and can be really affordable. Personally I turn to online retailers less often as the tend to not to offer free postage for low cost orders – which I get, they’ve got staff to pay – but in every other way they’re a really safe bet.

Last but by no means least, check charity shops, junk shops and even joke shops. I wanted a pair of oversized, white heart-shaped glasses a couple of years ago and couldn’t find them anywhere for love nor money. I ended up striking gold at a fancy dress shop who where selling them in their ‘groovy 60’s’ costume section. They cost £1.99, I was ecstatic!

To be honest, this post is mainly prompted by people asking where I manage to find all my bargain shades from over on Instagram so I have a link to send with some advice. I shouldn’t imagine there are many people out there who need persuading to come round to the idea of buying cheap sunglasses, and contrary to what some may think cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad. If I ever have more disposable income then I’m sure I’ll spend more. But until then, I’ll be over here taking it day by day behind a giant pair of sparkly red cat eye sunglasses watching the world go by.

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