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This year I set myself a bit of a challenge: I will wear shorts. I know it doesn’t seem like the most difficult challenge to overcome, and for many it’s just a case of putting them on and leaving the house. However, for years now I’ve hated this particular item of clothing and I can’t remember the last time I actually wore some in public. I definitely favour skirts and dresses instead. Is it a case of feeling self conscious, or rather that I never think to buy them? In all honesty it’s likely a mixture of both… but not any more!

This year there are so many stylish options out there for great shorts across all plus size collections, and not only are shorts excellent for combatting the dreaded ‘chub rub’ they’re also really cute. So, as with every other sartorial challenge I’ve set myself, I went on a lengthy mission to find some great plus size summer shorts to try out this year. And as usual, my wishlist became really long really quickly, so I’ve gathered together my affordable favourites to share here on the blog so you can hopefully benefit from my research too!

Shorts Wishlist [affiliate links]

Of all the above picks the BooHoo Tropical Print (which are a steal at £12), the ASOS Gingham and the Junarose Striped are my top three. I have an ASOS voucher burning a hole in my pocket just now, so I guess that narrows the real choice down to either the gingham or the stripey one! I already own the V by Very Jersey shorts which are super comfortable, and generous in their sizing, so if you like the look of them then it might be worth sizing down.

I’ll be posting about the V by Very shorts, and in fact all my holiday shorts adventures soon so keep your eyes peeled for that! I hope you find your new favourite pair of plus size summer shorts here in amongst my top picks.

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