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I have such a huge thing for bags (even more so than shoes to be honest) but my current life budget doesn’t allow for me to own all the bags I wish to own. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition here on the blog for me to start wish listing during the ‘change over of the seasons’, so I’ve picked out 16 of my favourite bags of AW16 for you to browse. I’m also kinda hoping to live vicariously through you guys so if you pick any of them up I’d love to hear about it!

My favourite AW16 bags are falling into two main categories: quiet minimalism and sumptuous maximal textures. This sums up AW16 fashion as a whole really. As much as the main thread running through the best of AW16 design is heavy embroidery, metallics and embellishment, there is another thread of understatedness and clean lines right there doing it’s thing. My heart is with the over the top styling but I do love some of the minimal pieces too.

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I love backpacks, and it was the type I found the most difficult to whittle down. That particular summer trend is carrying over into AW with gusto, and the loud prints and velvets that are being used for them now are so cute.

There are a lot of cross-body bags here too, as that is my ultimate favourite type of bag. I’m not really a fan of a clutch as when I’m out of an evening I prefer to have my hands free for drinks and food, so I’m always on the lookout for great design in a cross-body and I think there are a few here that fit the bill.

I have kept these picks under £30, as that’s the maximum I would want to pay for a ‘fashionable’ item. Any more than that I personally would class as an investment piece so I would definitely want to get something classic so I’d have more than one season out of it. I hope there is something here that you love as much as I do.

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