My Remote Learning Study Toolkit Essentials

I am incredibly keen to keep on top of my learning and make sure I'm in the best place physically and emotionally to learn remotely. In this post I go through everything I currently have in my remote learning study toolkit to support me practically, some creature comforts, and a couple of small surprises!


12 Books I Read And Loved In 2019

2019 was such a solid and (mostly) enjoyable year of reading for me. After struggling with reading for some time, I’ve settled into a comfortable and manageable stride, gaining more and more in confidence each year. And as I’ve been concentrating on finding my feet again I’ve leaned very heavily on recommendations from people whose […]

Pixi Pretties Collection 2019

You’ll be well aware by now that I hate having to spend too much money on, well, anything really… but especially make up. A brand needs to blow me away to convince me to part with more than a tenner for a single item. After having been introduced to a wide range of their products […]

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