Low Light Plant Care: Peace Lily

Tips and tricks for keeping your Peace Lily alive and thriving, even in an extremely low light area.


Pixi Pretties Collection 2019

You’ll be well aware by now that I hate having to spend too much money on, well, anything really… but especially make up. A brand needs to blow me away to convince me to part with more than a tenner for a single item. After having been introduced to a wide range of their products […]

Most Popular Style Posts of 2018

It’s now a firm tradition here on ikiwn.com to make the last post of the year a roundup of some description; a sort of retrospective of the previous 12 months. In the very first year of this blog, 2015, I reflected on what my personal favourites had been, and then in 2016 I got a […]

Leaping for Red Leopard Print with Unique21

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but animal print is here this season in a very big way. Variations on leopard print in particular are cropping up in AW18 collections across the board. As a long term leopard print devotee, I’d argue that it never really went anywhere; I’ve been able to pick up luscious leopard […]

Elvi Cami Dress; A Floral Birthday Look

Well, it’s official: I am now well and truly into my mid-thirties. If you’re part of the gang over on Instagram then you’ll have noticed that it was my birthday last weekend, but because it’s so close to the wedding I decided to keep the celebrations as laid back as possible. The lovely people at […]

Late Summer Style with Fashion World

We’ve had such a glorious summer this year that I didn’t think I’d need to consider dressing for cooler temperatures for at least another few weeks; but lately the great British weather has proven to be just as unpredictable as ever, bringing the traditional ‘late summer’ conditions that we all know very well. That’s why […]

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