My Plus Size City Break Wardrobe: Berlin

My Plus Size City Break Wardrobe: Berlin

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As I’m sure most of you will know from my Insta stories, last week me and Andrew went over to Berlin for a long weekend as he was speaking at a conference there and I… well… I just tagged along! I had never been to Berlin before, I’d never been to Germany in fact, so I jumped at the chance to take in the city for a few days.


We flew with Easyjet, so we were limited to hand luggage only (there is no way I’m paying any extra to put a bag in the hold), this meant I had to plan my outfits in advance so it would all fit in my case. I think I did pretty well, considering I was packing lots of bulky cold weather clothes, and whist I decided not to take any official fancy outfit pics on my break I made sure I took at least some mirror snaps so I could do this round up when I got home.


Most of the pics have turned out to be pretty low quality when blown up like this on a large screen, even though I have a relatively new iPhone I guess they still don’t perform very well in low lighting conditions. I hope you can see past the general blurriness and still enjoy my plus size city break wardrobe from Berlin!




Plus Size City Break Wardrobe Berlin


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On the Friday, after Andrew was done with his duties at the conference, we headed down into Neukölln to check out a rooftop bar that was recommended to us by a friend. After wandering about for a while – I was so happy that I opted to wear my comfy Vans – we finally found it on the top level of a nearby shopping centre carpark!


As it was the start of the weekend, I decided to wear this amazing purple lurex dress that I picked up for a song from eBay (it was originally TopShop). The pink coat and red bag are also eBay bargains, I’ve tried to find decent alternatives for everything in this outfit for the ‘shop the look’ bit above, but this one wasn’t so easy.




 Plus Size City Break Wardrobe Pink Clove Velvet Dress Leopard Print Blouse Simply BE


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Saturday was *the big day* and I went along to the conference with Andrew to see him speak. We were out from first thing in the morning until pretty late, as in the evening we joined the other speakers for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Mitte, so I needed something that was functional, comfortable but also smart.


I was gifted this royal blue velvet dress* by Pink Clove at the beginning of the year, and I’ve gotten some excellent mileage out of it since; I’ve especially loved layering it up in the colder months. I’m so pleased with how it looks over this old Simply Be leopard print blouse, and I think this will be a go-to outfit for me this season.




Plus Size City Break Wardrobe Elvi Levis and Vans


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Sunday was a more low key affair, with some wandering around included – I knew I’d be spending a lot of the day outdoors so went for warmth and comfort over everything else. We headed into East Berlin first to see the largest chunk of the Berlin Wall, and then we popped back to the centre to a big ol’ beer hall for some Bavarian style food and drink.


I’ve been living in this Elvi shirt and the Levi jeans since I got them both, but hadn’t worn them together before. I felt laid back, comfortable and kinda stylish – you know sometimes when you chuck on an outfit and it’s exactly how you want to dress all the time? Well this is how I want to dress casually all the time.




Plus Size City Break Wardrobe Elvi Levis and Deep Breaths Collective


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If Sunday was low key then Monday’s outfit was kinda no key, and as you can see I came over all bleary eyed! This was the day my chronic pain started to kick my ass, which I imagine was a result of all the walking I’d done over the previous days, but I still managed to fit in A LOT of touristy stuff with the help of the U-Bahn.


We headed straight for the Teirgarten, and after a quick stop for lunch, wandered right through from one end to the other coming out at the top to take in the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate. I made sure to bring my best jumper, this beaut Phased and Confused one from Deep Breaths Collective, as it’s by far the warmest I own and it was a collllllddddd old day! I’ve flipped one of the photos above so you can see the design the right way round.


Looking at these outfits now I’m finding hard to believe that I fit all this into my hand luggage, along with two (yes two) hair drying implements, make up and books. I might run a class! I hope you’ve found my plus size city break wardrobe roundup to be useful, it can be so hard to pack for the colder weather as a plus size person with such a small case.

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