Top 10 Outfit Posts of 2017

Top 10 Outfit Posts of 2017

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Well here we are, in the last few days of 2017, a year of soaring ups and downs that – much like last year – many of us will be glad to see the back of. As is becoming traditional for my last post of the year (as I’ve decided to really make this my last one) I have pulled together my top 10 outfit posts of the last 12 months. However, instead of it being a list of my favourites, I thought I’d make it into a countdown of what you all have been loving this year.


Collated using social likes and shares, alongside page views taken from my blog analytics, may I present to you the top 10 outfit posts from I Knew I Was Next in 2017.


10.) Introducing Deep Breaths Collective


Deep Breaths Collective Long Sleeve Grey Tee


At number 10, is one of my personal favourite posts from this year where I styled up a few lovely tees* from a new brand run by one of my dearest friends. Deep Breaths Collective have such brilliant designs (I know I’m biased, but seriously go and check them out for yourself!), I’m v.v.proud of Teri and everything she has achieved with DBC so far.


9.) Dream Denim; Plus Size Levi’s


Plus Size Levis Shaping Skinny 311 Simply Be Borg Denim Jacket


My long and winding path to find the perfect denim, which covered a decade or so, came to an end this year when I was fortunate enough to get my hands on two pairs of the coveted new plus size Levi’s. Both of the styles I tried (the 314 straight leg and the 311 skinnies) fit like an absolute dream. My casual wardrobe has been well and truly revamped!


8.) Pink Clove Strappy Maxi Dress


Pink Clove Maxi Dress Plus Size Black Strappy Dress


A post from early on in 2017, I loved the strappy neckline of this excellently gothic chic maxi* from Pink Clove. It was also a rare find in that it was a maxi dress that turned out to be floor length on me, even in heels. As I don’t really go to many places that are fancy enough for this kind of outfit, it has enjoyed many outings in the care of my Mum who loves the dress just as much as I do!


7.) A Plus Size Wedding Guest Abroad


Want That Trend Katie Piper Green Belted Pleated Tie Dress


This olive plisse number, from Want That Trend, was worn to an all day wedding in Portugal – so I thought as well as review the dress I’d write up some tips to help others prepare for a full day in the heat. Written with considerations made for being plus size and also having chronic pain, this was one of my most practical posts of the year so I’m really happy it made it into the top 10.


6.) Recreating My Mum’s Style For Mother’s Day


To My Mam Mother's Day Style Inspo


An ode to my Mam, and her influence on the way I dress, in this post I chose one of her outfits from when she was around the age I am now and recreated it in my own way with things already in my wardrobe (apart from the hat). I loved everything about this post: styling the outfit, chatting to her about the photo, and getting to write really nice things about my Mum.


5.) Psychedelic Floral Print Dress


Traffic People via Simply Be Red Summer Dress


At number 4, a strong contender for ‘print of the year’, this dress from the Traffic People plus size range is to die for. It was my first foray into the statement sleeves that were everywhere this year, and is such an easy to wear piece that I have turned to again and again in 2017.


4.) Arched Eyebrow x Navabi 


Arched Eyebrow x Navabi Collection Green Belted Dress


I have sung the praises of this collection at every given opportunity, and I will continue to do so (sorrynotsorry). This outfit* was the perfect storm of colour, fit and styling for me – tbh, I think this might be my number 1 personal favourite outfit post of 2017.


3.) The One With The Tights


Wolf and Whistle Curve Floral Frill Dress


At number 3 is this Wolf & Whistle Curve floral number*, including the second appearance of the electric blue shoes in this top 10… but this time there are tights to match. The response to this post was really overwhelming, it made me so happy! I aspire to excel at colour matching to this level again in 2018.


1.) Bye Bye Sore Thighs!


Big Tights Lace Trim Anti-Chafing Shorts Black


Head and shoulders ahead of the others on this list is my number 1 most popular outfit post of the year: and it’s technically underwear! My review of the lace trimmed chub rub shorts* from Big Tights was viewed, shared and liked by an incredible amount of people – whether it’s because I really put them through their paces during a sticky-hot week abroad for the review, the fact that I’m wearing them as outerwear, or just because there are pics of me in big pants I’ll never know!


P.S. To every single one of you who takes the time to read, follow, comment or message I’d like to say a big huge thank you. I genuinely wouldn’t still be doing this if it wasn’t for you, and to know that this blog might make even the smallest difference to someone out there makes me mind-blowingly happy. So, here’s to a bigger and better 2018 for us all, I hope you continue to join me here for whatever it has in store.


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