Comfy is King; The Cutest Throw On Duster Jacket

Comfy is King; The Cutest Throw On Duster Jacket

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Thow On Floral Duster Jacket Plus Size Fashion


Hello sweethearts, there’s been a little more time than I intended between this post and the last but things have been so odd lately irl that I’ve needed to switch my focus elsewhere for a bit. I’m back in the groove now though, and I want to share with you this ridiculously simple outfit that I felt great in during my recent visit to see family in Cambridgeshire.


It’s yet another example of size labels being kinda trash too, as this gorgeous throw on duster from Dotty P’s main range is actually a couple of sizes smaller than my usual dress size.


Dorothy Perkins Throw On Floral Duster Jacket


ASOS Curve Strappy Midi Dress Dorothy Perkins Red Duster Jacket


My first instinct was to scroll right past this duster jacket when I first saw it on Dorothy Perkins’ home page as it’s part of the straight size range. I’m so tired of the disappointment that straying into a brand’s main range brings when a) everything is so much better than the plus range and b) there’s so much more choice than the plus range too. I just don’t want to do that to myself any more!


Anyway, in this case, it was much too late to look away and I fell hard for the floral-on-red print so I had a closer look at the sizing. It turns out that this duster jacket runs from XS to XL – with L listed as 16/18 and XL as a 20/22. Due to the very oversized, floaty nature of the jacket I risked going for the L, and even though it looks great I could definitely have gone for the M with no issues. The arms are a roomy, kimono style with dropped shoulders; based on that and the fact that it’s worn open, I reckon the XL would be fine up to around a UK26.


Red Floral Duster Jacket Plus Size Style


Dorothy Perkins Red Kimono Duster Jacket


Now to the dress: until a couple of years ago I lived in bodycon. Me and lycra had such a good run for a while but, I dunno, it fell completely out of favour with me. Lately though, I’m feeling it again so I’m slowly replacing my old basics with brand new ones. An absolute must for me is this black ASOS Curve midi which is the perfect starting point for many a great outfit and the quality is as great as I remember. I have the one from their Tall range too, which I fancy is made of slightly thicker material but either way they’re a bargain (£12)!


I think the reason I felt so laid back and comfortable in this ensemble is that I went with my tried and tested formula of finishing touches: you’ll have seen the massive hoops, tan bag and red-orange lip trifecta from me countless times before, and you’ll 100% see it again!


Great style starts with simply feeling comfy, physically and mentally, with what you’re wearing. Fashion isn’t pain and whoever said that is an arsehole: fashion is fun! Style isn’t always about pushing boundaries, and if you have your own tried and tested formula – whether it’s a classic make up look, a banging set of accessories, or the perfect bag and shoe combination which always makes you feel amazing – then repeat repeat repeat that look as much as you damn well want. I mean, how else does a look become iconic if not through repetition? 


Plus Size Red Floral Duster Jacket


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