5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem

5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem

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5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem


Negative people just live to make themselves heard, don’t they? Whether that be online or in real life; ranting rules about what we can and can’t wear. As a tall, fat woman just living my life there are so many rules about what I’m not allowed to wear and no shortage of people very ready to let me know if how I look falls outside of what they find acceptable.


When Simply Be told me about their new campaign “I’ll Take That As a Compliment!”, which looks at how to take a negative comment and turn it into a positive one, I jumped at the chance to get involved. I’ve taken a closer look at 5 common types of negative comments I have received over my lifetime and how they relate to so called plus size fashion rules to ask if they’re really valid at all?


1.) “Avoid horizontal stripes they make you looker bigger than you are.”


5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem


Let’s start with a classic, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard that horizontal stripes are not flattering. That they’ll make me look fat, that it’s not a good idea for someone of my size to accentuate my belly with stripes. But I can’t recall having ever said I want to look anything other than the size I am.


I love horizontal stripes, especially narrow ones like on the dress above, as to me they act as a great base to work an outfit around. Plus, I couldn’t be without my Breton striped tops and jumpers. These horizontal stripes make me look fat and accentuate my cute belly? I’ll take that as a compliment, I love my belly and wrapping it in horizontal stripes makes me happy.



2.) “Chunky jumpers are not a good idea as they just make you look round and shapeless.”


Jumper and Shirt


Folks, it’s winter, and I’m damned if I’m sticking to fine knit jumpers and cardigans. A clean, crisp, white or cream chunky knit jumper is one of the best winter wardrobe staples that you can pick up. Easy to dress up and perfect for dressing down, whether it adds ‘bulk’ to your frame or not I’ve always thought styling a chunky knit jumper like I have in the picture above is timelessly chic.


This chunky knit jumper makes me look round and shapeless? Well, last time I checked, round is a shape and I’ll just be over here, being warm in my knitwear.



3.) “That’s a nice skirt but you need to stick to below the knee, it’s more flattering.”


ASOS Green Pencil Dress 18


Here’s that word again… flattering…. but so often a mini skirt looks amazing on a fat babe. The horror that people seem to experience at the prospect of having to look at a little bit of cellulite is astounding. In warmer weather, bare legs and short skirts are a godsend. Plus, it looks super cute and summery. I’m not prepared to live my life in knee length skirts and neither should you be!


Even in the winter, when opaque tights are the norm, I’ve been made to feel as if I shouldn’t be revealing the shape of my knees and thighs to the world. There are so many really lovely minis out there at the moment to wear with tights and boots while it’s still chilly outside. If someone thinks my skirt is too short, then I will definitely take it as a compliment as it means I no longer buy in to this silliest of fashion rules.



4.) “Bold prints will just draw attention to your problem areas.”


Missguided Biker Jacket


This depends on what you deem to be a ‘problem’. I love bold prints, the more colourful the better. Maybe a type of print makes my shoulders look wider, or my butt look bigger, or my belly look rounder but so what?


This brings us right back to what is and what isn’t considered flattering and how that is entirely subjective. I love how bold prints and patterns make my body look and how the print moves with my body. My shoulders are strong as hell, my butt is delicious and my belly is the cutest. Hiding these features behind layers and block colours all the time would be such a shame.


What others may call ‘problem’ areas are some of my favourite parts of myself, so if this dress draws attention to them? I’ll certainly take that as a compliment, sugar.



5.) “Fat women can’t wear crop tops.”


5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem


Your argument is invalid; bye, Felicia….


Get the look with Simply Be….


5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem

1.) Cold Shoulder Striped Dress / 2.) Cream Chunky Knit Jumper / 3.) Crop Top / 4.) Bold Print Shirt Dress / 5.) Suedette Zip Front Mini Skirt

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