Autumn Textures; Pleather and Lace

I’ve always loved the slightly 80’s combination of pleather and lace, and how one compliments the other despite being at different ends of the ‘edginess’ spectrum. This Halloween, I’ve been getting into the spirit of the season by picking out outfit combinations that are more than a little influenced by my inner goth: and whilst she’d […]

Keeping it Casual With New Look Curves

I get so much joy from planning outfit posts and looking through pinterest for style inspiration. As much as I enjoy those carefully crafted type of outfits, one of my favourite instagram hashtags is #whatfatgirlsactuallywear and I adore seeing everyone’s candid daily looks. That got me thinking; why not just pick a day and take some photos of what I’m wearing to post about as […]

Leopard Print & Denim; Bows Upon Bows

I’m very excited about autumn dressing, usually at the change over of seasons I start to feel so invigorated and inspired by clothes again. Over the next couple of weeks I plan on wearing some of the old favourites again, the ones that I’ve had stowed away since March. This sweet little denim shift dress from […]

A Tribute to the Maxi Dress… OOTD

When I first started looking for ways to feel love for my body I rejected ‘flattering’ clothes completely and maxi dresses were amongst the first things I stopped wearing. To me they represented years of hiding my body in the summer under a voluminous maxi and a cardigan; I wanted to never even look at one […]

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