Vintage Makeup; Recreating Kate Moss’ 90’s Catwalk Look

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I have been really looking forward to writing this post, but having said that I’ve been excited in general since this whole 90’s fashion revival started happening and I can imagine a lot of people around my age feel the same. A couple of years back, when I was still in a houseshare, I relished being able to say: “Ooh I used to have one of those!” like a Nanna when one of my housemates was headed out for the night styled exactly like me 15 years ago.

Looking back, the 90’s were my makeup heyday. I used to spend 45 minutes every morning before school solely on elaborate eye make up. So when I first came across a stunningly nostalgic image of Kate Moss from the SS96 runway, I hit upon a bit of an idea; I decided I’d flex my 90’s make up muscle one last time for the road and try to recreate that look.

Vintage Makeup - 90s Look

Now this isn’t intended to be a negative or critical look at how I used to apply my makeup – this post is just a bit of fluff really. Despite advances in the ‘science’ of makeup my application skills are probably worse, not better, than when I was a teenager so any looking back is going to be positive. I spend less time on make up now, and I scrape by with the bare minimum always.

As mentioned above, the image that inspired this was one I found whilst browsing Pinterest at the end of last year. It wasn’t credited (of course, nothing ever is on Pinterest) but I managed to track it down; it’s from Karl Lagerfeld SS96. Look at it… it’s so late 90’s I can’t even cope. That eye make up with the silvery inner corners fading out into blue, which in turn is reaching all the way up to those overplucked brows, this was pretty much my daily look for a serious chunk of time during high school. I figured I might just be able to pull this off.

Vintage Makeup - 90s Look

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…and I think I did. It goes without saying that I’m not a professional, but much like riding a bike I don’t think I’ll ever forget how to do this eye makeup.

As it worked out, I almost fell at the first hurdle because I couldn’t find the right blue. In the end I went for a bluey-green Barry M Dazzle Dust [affiliate link] with the Makeup Revolution Awesome Eye Foil [affiliate link] in Platinum underneath which I feel is close enough. The only other eyeshadow I used was a bit of the matte black from my Morphe 35F. My eyebrows are already overplucked to death, so no special treatment was required: I simply used my old MAC Eyebrow [affiliate link] to define them in a shape resembling Kate’s, then added the dark lip which is NYX Liquid Suede [affiliate link] in Vintage.

Things started to get a little wild when I contoured my face differently in an attempt to give the illusion of a similar cheekbone angle / nose shape to Ms. Moss and I don’t think the nose contouring completely failed, which was a nice surprise.

Vintage Makeup - 90s Look - After

After all this, the one thing I didn’t consider was having to go about my business for the rest of the day with such ✨fabulous✨  eye makeup and a very skinny brow. it made for an interesting trip down to Tesco anyway. Perhaps my favourite thing about trying this look out was the ‘extra from Buffy’ comparisons it got when I posted a selfie on Instagram as that’s pretty much the look I’ve always been going for, even back in 1997.

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