Sleek Face Form Contour & Blush Palette; Light vs Fair

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Let’s just get this out of the way at the start. I’m not by any means a beauty blogger and my application skills are passable at best.. But lately I can’t stop watching make up tutorials, there’s something ridiculously therapeutic about them: that shit is art! Anyway, I’m so intrigued by contouring, it’s something I have always done my own version of without realising (using two different blush colours) but I’d like to learn to do it properly.

Sleek Contour Kit Fair vs Light

Recently I have seen loads of rave reviews for the Sleek Face Form palette [affiliate link], and considering it’s affordability I figured it was worth a try. I was struggling to choose between the Fair [affiliate link] and Light [affiliate link] shades, so when I saw the 2 for £10 promotion that Superdrug were running on Sleek products I jumped at the chance to get both to try and write about for anyone else who might be trying to make the same choice.

I was so into putting together make up looks during my teens and early 20’s, it took me hours to do bright and colourful eye makeup on a daily basis. Somewhere along the line I had a crisis of confidence and became obsessed with ‘natural’ looks. NOT ANY MORE. These YouTube tutorials have given me life! I’m starting from scratch again with every element of my make up routine, and right now I’m focusing on reinvigorating my base – I’ve gotten on the colour correcting train, switched out my foundation for a BB cream, and now it’s time to address contouring.

I had been deliberating about whether to go for the Light or the Fair palette for ages, the contour and highlight in both palettes are exactly the same so the choice would have been down to which blush colour I preferred. In the product images online they look like a rosy toned light palette or the peachy toned fair. Upon buying both and opening the packaging I was really struggling to see any difference so I swatched them (this was a quick swatch job, and was really difficult to try and get a true representation of the shades on camera so forgive me for the quality).

Sleek Face Form Palette Fair vs Light
Sleek Face Form Palette Fair vs Light

In the swatch on my hand, Fair is on the top row and Light is underneath. I mean, at a push then maybe the contour shade on the Light palette has a slightly more orangey undertone but I’m clutching at straws here really. I planned to make up one side of my face with Fair and one with Light, even though they seemed to be the same product I went ahead and did it anyway, just in case something differed when applied to the face.

I think it’s safe to say these two shades are identical, but not to worry, it just means I have another ready to go when the first runs out…

Sleek Face Form Palette Fair vs Light
Light palette
Sleek Face Form Palette Fair vs Light
Fair palette

Aside from my confusion over the shades, can I just say how much I love this palette? The contour is nicely pigmented, but not so much that it stains the skin or is too heavy from the get go. You can achieve a number of looks ranging from a subtle contour to a more dramatic edge, the formula avoids the chalkiness which can be the blight of budget brands, and responds to blending really well.

The blush colour is gorgeous, it’s that most coveted of Sleek blush shades: Rose Gold, which on my skin tone (MAC N3) gives this wonderful ‘your face but better’ glow.

The highlighter has a strong, white toned, pearlescent colour to it that I really like, especially with the other products. The payoff is great, you don’t need to be too heavy handed with it. Like the contour and the blush, the pigmentation isn’t so strong that you’re blending forever, it’s buildable in a very useful way.

Shop the look [affiliate links]

I’m a total contouring baby, but this palette is great for me. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. It’s easy to use and versatile enough for everyday wear, but has the potential to build up a dramatic night time look too. Having the three products together in one palette with a massive mirror is brilliant for travelling.

The blusher is flat out GORGEOUS, if you aren’t a contouring fan then at least try the blush in Rose Gold [affiliate link] by itself, it’s less than a fiver and is a beauty. The blush does have that glittery / shimmery quality to it that I know some people aren’t fond of… for a great alternative product for half the price check out this one from Makeup Revolution [affiliate link] which has a matte blush.

Both palettes are more in line with the images of the Light palette seen online. I emailed Sleek Makeup to ask for their comments about the two palettes being exactly the same despite being marketed as two different shades and they have responded with the following:

“The blush colour in both kits are the same, both rose gold however in regards to the contour pallet the shades are different. The fair contour kit is lighter than the one you will get in the lighter contour kit.”

Sleek Makeup via email
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