Rimmel Wonder Wing Eye Liner Stamp… Does It Work?

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 Rimmel Wonderwing eyeliner

For someone who loves winged eye liner SO MUCH, I couldn’t be worse at applying it. Getting my liner right can sometimes take just as long as the rest of my face combined. In recent years, as my hands have become a little more shaky and painful thanks to my chronic pain, my winged eye liner skills – such as they were – have taken a knock. This is why I’ve been watching with interest the recent explosion of eye liner wing stamps to the market, I couldn’t help but think that if they actually work they could be the answer to all my problems, so I took the most affordable one for a spin and figured I’d give you a quick run down of my thoughts.

 Rimmel Wonder Wing Review

The Rimmel Wonder Wing [affiliate link] is a felt tip liner with an arrowhead shaped tip specially designed to stamp the ‘perfect’ wing onto each lid. It is not only touted as being easy to administer and richly pigmented, it also claims that it can be used as a traditional liner as well.

When I first opened it I noticed that the tip actually has a vague iron shape – half rounded and half flat – which I thought might make it difficult to use. It doesn’t have much of a discernible fragrance, and the packaging isn’t particularly exciting with gold writing on a glossy black tube which is a little thicker than a standard felt pen.

When swatching and trialling the stamp on the back of my hand I saw right away that it isn’t as richly pigmented as claimed. Whilst it’s very black it’s also kinda watery, which isn’t what you want from a product that claims to be a stamp and go kind of deal. If you use the flat plane of the nib it stamps a rounded wide triangle, but using it on its side gives the more ‘wing like’ shape (the narrower shapes below).

Rimmel Wonderwing Swatch

Applying it to my eyes confirmed what I had been starting to suspect; this product is not convenient. Okay, I was under no illusions that after using this I’d suddenly be able to do razor sharp wings to die for, but I just thought it would be better. The stamp is patchy and needs to be gone back over multiple times whilst applying considerable pressure. Otherwise, the line needs to be ‘fixed’ with a different liquid liner completely. The shape of the tip makes lining the rest of your eye more trouble than it needs to be and after all that messing about the wing shape it gives isn’t all that nice.

Rimmel London Wonder Wing Review Finished Result

So, does the Rimmel Wonder Wing work? In principle yes, but not very well. For my money the formula needs to be thicker and more pigmented, the shape of the nib needs working on, and the packaging could do with being both thicker and shorter which might go some way to making doing the ‘other’ side a bit easier. This product’s primary use for me (if I return to it at all) will be as a guide for my usual liquid liner so sadly it hasn’t fixed the problems that I thought it would.

Essentially, it’s only £5.99 and if you really struggle with winged liner then it could be worth a bash, just because I didn’t get on with it doesn’t mean you won’t, but perhaps with these eyeliner stamps you really do get what you pay for.

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