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As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I have extremely high maintenance skin, and as much as I was incredibly excited to travel for my recent holiday I also worried about coming up against the liquid restrictions in place in order to fly. The amount of products that I have to use on a daily basis in order to tame my very oily skin is considerably more than that one little plastic bag allows. So I found myself having to refine them until I’d reached the bare minimum which would still be effective. Today I’m sharing those products with you; my oily skin travel essentials!

Oily Skin Travel Essentials Merumaya

Starting off with my new holy grail skincare, from the excellent range at Merumaya. Since trialling this brand for a review over on She Might Be, I still use the Luxury Facial Wash [gifted] and Iconic Youth Serum [gifted] every day, and the Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel [gifted] twice a week.

All three products work together to make my skin the best it has ever been, and these were the first three products that I designated as non-negotiables for my ‘liquids’ bag. In order to keep the space they take up down to a minimum, I purchased a set of travel pots and bottles to decant a week’s worth of each product into, which you can see in the image above (with the white lids).

Most people will be fine to pick up some sun protection when they reach their destination, but sadly due to the fact that my skin is fussy as well as oily, there are only a handful of products that I can use – especially on my face. This is where my all time favourite facial SPF, La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Sun Cream Fluid SPF 30 [affiliate link] comes in. It’s a mattifying fluid formula, especially for oily and acne-prone skin, and it has never let me down. Plus it comes in a flat, rectangle shaped bottle which is perfect for fitting in the liquids bag and at 50ml it comes under the 100ml liquid restriction limit.

 Oily Skin Travel Essentials Tony Moly

If you’re prone to prickly heat, or you get particularly uncomfortable and hot, then I can’t recommend enough a cooling face spray such as this Avene Eau Thermale [affiliate link] or a Rosewater Spritz [affiliate link]. Shelling out a couple of quid for a cooling facial spray might seem like an unnecessary extravagance, but my face is always extremely thankful for the hit of hydration and it genuinely cools me down. Pro tip: if you pick one up that has a screw off top then you can keep refilling it with mineral water (or similar) for the whole holiday / summer.

Taking a sheet mask away with you, or a couple if you’re away for longer than a week, is a brilliant way to get some intense moisture into your face without taking up any of the space in your liquids bag. Sheet masks [affiliate link] can be packed away in your suitcase, as they aren’t liquid. I found them to be so helpful when my skin started to flag a little bit because I didn’t take the Hyaluronic Acid [affiliate link] serum I usually use, so my skin was crying out for a bit more moisture. These sheet masks picked up the slack perfectly and filled a gap in my holiday skincare.

 Oily Skin Travel Essenntials NYX Smashbox Essence

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As your face is only ever as good as your base, I knew that the primer had to make the cut, and my first essential pick was the  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer [affiliate link]. I use the apricot ‘Colour Correcting’ one to even out the redness in my skin, but the formula overall is the best I have ever used for mattifying, controlling oil and all round longevity. At 30ml, it’s under the restriction.

I couldn’t bear to leave my liquid liner at home, so this absolute beaut of a product – Waterproof Liquid Ink Liner by Essence – made it in. To be fair, the packaging is extremely compact so it didn’t take up too much room. I have hooded eyes, so that plus oily skin usually equals ‘bye, bye liner’ by about 11am. Not the case with this one: it’s easy to apply, leaves an opaque line and doesn’t shift until you want it to. Plus, it’s cheap around £2.50 the last time I did a dash to Wilko’s to stock up.

And finally, the last item in my liquids bag was the excellent Fixing Spray by NYX [affiliate link]. I get the matte version, because I need no help with looking shiny, but they also offer one with a dewy finish [affiliate link] for less oily or dry skin. I cant recommend this product enough, it’s long lasting and once your face is sprayed (then fanned dry immediately as per this Nikki Tutorials tip) your make up isn’t going ANYWHERE. At only £7, it’s another bargain!

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