Introducing Ekia; Anti-Aging Skincare with Dragon’s Blood Sap

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As I race ever further into my 30’s I’m realising that it’s time to get to grips with my skin and upgrade my current ‘high street’ skincare routine to something that is perhaps more of an investment. I’m primarily looking at organic skincare just now, and this is where Ekia comes in. Ekia is a French skincare brand who produce an organic range of anti-aging skincare containing Dragon’s Blood Sap (a powerful antioxidant derived from Amazonian trees which boosts collagen and elastin). Where Ekia’s range differs from other organic skincare brands is that after putting in 2 years of research at a University Hospital they have identified that there are 3 different types of mature skin, rather than one standardised type most other brands cater for, and developed targeted solutions for each of the 3.

Ekia Skincare
Ekia Skincare Velvet Cleansing Milk

Before you start using Ekia skincare, there’s a questionnaire to fill in that narrows down which of the 3 mature skin types your skin falls into – either well preserved, weakened or damaged – and recommends you a range of products accordingly. My skin diagnosis came back as ‘well preserved’ (which was a surprise to me!) so I was kindly sent the Velvet Cleansing Milk [gifted], Highly Active Firming Serum [gifted] and Crème Initiale [gifted] to try.

Starting with the Velvet Cleansing Milk, which was a new step in my skincare routine; as until now I’ve been very much a facewash and go kind of person. A thin white cream with a light fragrance, the cleansing milk is massaged into your skin with your fingers, then taken off using a cotton pad bringing your make up with it. This product removes my makeup like an absolute dream but I do have to pay a bit more attention to my lashes and brows. My face felt softer from the first use and I started to notice a visible smoothing of my skin after around three weeks.

The Highly Active Firming Serum is something of a little dynamite product! A brownish, semi-translucent liquid with a ~strange~ scent (I’m putting that down to it’s organic nature) applied to the face before moisturising, this serum is designed to smooth and firm up the skin as well as restore your natural moisture barrier. The firming action was immediately apparent, I felt it physically happening to my face which was a little disconcerting at first, apparently this is due to the gum acacia and polysaccharides which create a film that mechanically lifts the skin. After 2 months of use, I saw a reduction in fine lines around my eyes and mouth and my jawline began to feel firmer.

Ekia Skincare Creme Initiale
Ekia Skincare Serum Fermete

The final step is to apply an Ekia moisturiser, which in my case is Creme Initiale. Specially formulated for my category of mature skin to firm and improve appearance. It contains a veritable smorgasbord of certified organic active ingredients: the antioxidant Dragon’s Blood Sap helps skin cells to regenerate faster; ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Extracts of Samphire combine to combat dryness, wrinkles and loss of firmness; then Apple Seed Extract helps to stimulate skin cells for radiance. The cream feels lovely when applied over the serum and whilst I didn’t notice a fading of age spots or marks, after 2 months of use my skin did begin to look brighter

Overall, Ekia Skincare does appear to do exactly what it claims. Makeup removal with the Velvet Cleansing Milk was a revelation for me, it was a step in my skincare routine that I didn’t think I really needed but I will most certainly continue with from now on. The most dramatic effects I found came from the serum, to feel a physical lifting of your skin like that can be very strange but visually the results are very effective. The Creme Initiale is incredibly hydrating and, although not cheap, you get a hell of a lot of bang for your buck – it’s full to bursting with organic anti-ageing goodness in a generously sized bottle.

Ekia state that whilst some results can be seen immediately, best results are seen after 3 months. I saw very encouraging results during my 2 month trial, but I had to discontinue use after a particularly bad stress and hormone related breakout meant I needed to change my skincare. I would have no trouble recommending this range to someone with a similar skin type to my own but with the caveat that this range does not specifically target acne-prone skin and you may need to use something else whilst in the midst of a breakout.

Ekia products are available from their online store or on the high street at Holland & Barrett.

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