Does RapidBrow Work? 3 Month Before & After Review

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Me at 13, the last time my eyebrows truly shone…
… and me now, full of regret.

If I could go back in time and change anything I would slap the tweezers out of my 14 year old hands and show my teenage self the skinny brows she was going to be cursed with for the next 20 years. Yes, I was a mid-to-late-90’s overplucker. Not only that, I was a mid-to-late-90’s overplucker who plucked so savagely that the hair never grew back. The last time I took a pair of tweezers to my brows must have been in the early 2000’s. My chin on the other hand, well, that’s another tale of ageing I will share in the fullness of time.

I’ve dipped my toe in the waters of eyebrow regrowth products before, trying less expensive options like castor oil [affiliate link] and some blatant RapidBrow rip offs, but they didn’t work for me and left me feeling like nothing would. What’s done is done, right? Best to just accept it…

…but I kept reading such great reviews for RapidBrow [affiliate link] you see, and they always had really impressive before and after photos. Admittedly, none of the ‘before’ pictures I’d come across were quite as overplucked as mine, but there were some real transformations on display. At the beginning of this year I found myself in a situation where I had enough money to be able to make a purchase and finally try out the real deal for myself. I needed to know for certain if RapidBrow would work for me.

The first tube arrived on March 14th and I started using it on the 19th. I fought back my natural revulsion at shelling out £30 for 3ml of product and applied as per the instructions: twice a day, morning and night, before creams. I found it really easy to apply as it’s like a short mascara spoolie, which I ran through my existing eyebrow hair in all directions, getting the liquid on the hair and skin good and proper.

After roughly two weeks of use my skin became irritated and bumpy, with some red inflamed spots in and around my brows. I hadn’t changed anything else that I put on my face, and the reaction was concentrated in my eyebrow area, so it was definitely the RapidBrow. As I’d spent £30 and I really wanted it to work (plus, I’m foolish), instead of stopping use I dropped it down to once a day before bed. Thankfully, the irritation stopped and the red spots were gone in a fortnight. Almost exactly two calendar months later, I noticed the spoolie was starting to feel dry on my brows so I bought a replacement on May 20th which I’m still using once a day.

The first purchase in March was from Amazon and I got a total bargain, but somewhere between that and needing a second in May the listing on Amazon was switched to being fulfilled by a different seller. I checked the reviews and all the recents mentioned that they were now being supplied with fakes, so I won’t link to it for obvious reasons. I searched around and switched to Just My Look, of all the legitimate sites they sell it for the cheapest price unless Beauty Bay [affiliate link] or Lookfantastic [affiliate link] are doing a sale.

Does RapidBrow Work?

Okay let’s get down to the brass tacks, the reason you’re here and still reading this… does RapidBrow work? Is it worth the cash? I’m going to say a tentative yes.

Top: March 2020, Bottom: June 2020

I’m impressed, but the results I’m getting aren’t photographing very well because the regrowth in a lot of areas is still short and subtle. However my brows are thickening up – in photos taken from a distance you can see them whereas before you couldn’t – and the hair I’d obliterated above, below and between is starting to grow back. I don’t have the dramatic results I have seen on others which could be due to the fact I only apply once a day due to irritation, the length of time I overplucked, or something as simple as exaggerated product claims.

So it works, but don’t expect miracles. It will give you results proportionate to the damage done, my thick lovely brows are gone forever and I’ll never get the luscious outcome that RapidBrow has perhaps given others, but they’re so much better than they were and it’s nowhere near finished yet. New hairs are still appearing, especially in the thinner brow, and will continue to do so until all my brow follicles have gone though their growth cycles.

It’s very expensive for the amount of product you get, so if you’re on the fence about trying this for yourself then honestly weigh it up with the cost of what you currently do with your brows and how long that takes you. I faff with drawing my brows on using multiple products, which frequently takes me more than half an hour, and I don’t have the steadiest of hands; so applying this serum for 30 seconds every evening is a better fit for me.

Lastly, you’re committing to this product forever, it is not a one and done kind of deal. If you stop using RapidBrow when you have achieved the level of hairiness you desire, your brows will start to thin out again. When each hair reaches the end of its cycle and falls out it won’t come back as the newly encouraged growth needs to be continuously encouraged. Sad, but true.

In sum, yes RapidBrow is on the expensive side but holy moly I have real eyebrow hair growing out of my face again! I personally feel like it’s worth it, especially as I’m not a regular makeup wearer and I’ve stopped wearing makeup completely in recent months because of coronavirus lockdown and shielding. I’m happy to give it 12 months to see how much regrowth I can get, the jury is out on whether I will continue to feel that way, but for now it’s working and has had a positive impact on how I feel about my face. RapidBrow is so much quicker than all the make up product I would pile on my brows to make me feel better about leaving the house, and it is a more accessible option too – bar the price of course. If you give it go then don’t forget that your results may vary, but I’m really happy with mine.

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