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As I briefly mentioned in my mammoth skincare post a few months ago, I’ve been preparing to introduce the queen of all skincare ingredients, tretinoin, into my routine for its proven anti-aging effects. As it’s prescription only, tretinoin is not easily available in the UK, and in some areas of the country it can also be impossible to have dispensed even if you do have a prescription.

I haven’t wanted to bother the NHS to obtain tretinoin as it is not something I need and the reasons I want to use it are purely cosmetic, but I cannot afford to consult with a private dermatologist. Feeling that I’d reached a bit of an impasse and at a loss over where to go next, I came across Dermatica and their affordable subscription based dermatology service. Could this be the very answer I’ve been looking for?

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To get the ball rolling with Dermatica they ask you to fill in an online questionnaire about your skin, it’s appearance, and any specific concerns you might have. You are also asked to upload three photographs of your face without makeup; one from each side and a front view. Once the questionnaire is complete and you have sent over your photos, they arrange an appointment for a phone consultation during which they’ll speak with you about your treatment options.

When it came to my phone consultation, I spoke with a pharmacist who agreed that tretinoin would be the best course of action for my skin and it’s particular set of concerns. We ran through how to use it to ensure that my skin did not become irritated, and then covered all the legal necessities.

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Dermatica UK Prescription Anti Ageing Medication

I’m incredibly impressed with the speed of delivery as the very next day this is what arrived. The packaging looks super clinical and is very well designed, it includes just enough information displayed prominently, and then the full information booklet is tucked away inside.

The product itself is contained in a small sleek bottle with a pump dispenser. Although small, the bottle does house enough product for the 28 day period it is designed for, in fact the first bottle I received actually held enough product to last me for 6 weeks as I used it initially on alternate days while my skin acclimatised.

A Dermatica subscription costs £19.99 a month, plus postage, and you aren’t tied into a minimum period. You can cancel your subscription at any time, or you can pause it if you need to. I found the pause feature to be incredibly useful, especially in that first month when my product lasted me longer than 28 days.

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Dermatica UK Online Dermatology Service Review

All being well, I intend to report back at the 6 month mark about how my skin is doing with the tretinoin in general, but right now I can tell you that my experience with Dermatica has been absolutely fantastic. Talking about affordability alone, the price of the subscription – when worked out over the year – costs less than the private dermatologist appointment I would have needed to gain a prescription. Also, every interaction I have had with the company has been efficient, pleasant, and positive. At this point, I’d be happy to recommend them if you are reading this and fancy giving them a shot.

Lastly, I want to take a moment to note that this post isn’t sponsored, I have not collaborated with Dermatica, and I have not been given a free subscription or product in exchange for a review. Dermatica is a service I have recently discovered, I’m hoping it is something that works out for me long term, and I want to share with you my find.

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