Affordable Beauty Roundup #7; Pixi, Collection & NYX


Affordable Beauty Roundup Number 7


It’s been a while since my affordable beauty series has appeared on the blog; I’ve really missed writing it, but I put a pause on my experimentation with new make up products in favour of skincare adventures in the last 12 months, so I haven’t had much in the way of affordable cosmetics to share with you.


Today though, I have two new favourites and an old faithful which I recently returned to after a brief foray into trying to find something more high end. I learnt a lesson with that one: more expensive does not automatically mean better! So, without further ado, please settle in for the seventh instalment of my affordable beauty roundup series!


As usual, I have been using all of these products for at least a full month, and in this case I’ve been using all of these products for at least three. My skin is uneven and oily with an annoying tendency to be dehydrated, plus I have some fine lines, so all reviews are based on that skin type.


I’ll also just add I’m not a pro beauty blogger so my terminology etc. might not be up to speed. As ever, these recommendations are for things I genuinely use and love and as such you might notice signs of usage on all the products photographed.


 Pixi Beauty x Dulche Candy Multi Use Palette


Firstly, is the Café con Dulche palette* from Pixi’s recent Pixi Pretties series of collaborations. This palette was created with beauty vlogger Dulche Candy, and it’s an absolute diamond of a product! This is billed as a multi-use palette, for use on the eyes and cheeks, and has a gorgeous powder-to-cream formula which I’m loving.


I’ve never used a powder-to-cream product before, and I have to say that my texture and fine lines LOVE IT. I’ve always favoured powder, but in recent years I’ve found that it can cling terribly or just highlight all the bits I’m trying to blur and smooth out. This powder-to-cream consistency means I can apply it in the way I’m used to and confident with, but it doesn’t settle into lines and texture.


 Affordable Beauty Roundup Pixi Cafe Con Dulche Palette


The pinky and apricot shades – such as Piruli, Pan Dulche and Estrella – are lovely as glowy duochromatic subtle blushes, but equally they can be built up for a more striking look, and I’ve even mixed them with vaseline for super lip colours too. The darker browns – like Morenita and Tamarindo – have leant themselves to building a cute shimmery smoky eye. The shade in the top left – Brilliante – is the most beautiful summer highlight shade for my skin tone, it leans toward a golden pearl sheen, I love it so much it’s secured it’s place as my wedding day highlight!


At £28 RRP, this is at the absolute top end of what I would consider to be affordable, but it’s so versatile and one of the few occasions that I feel confident in saying that a multi-use palette lives up to it’s claims of being multi-use. I’m still finding ways to wear these smooth, highly pigmented, and buildable shades.


Affordable Beauty Roundup 30 Plus Makeup NYX Eyebrow Pencil


Next I’d like to give a little shout out to the NYX Eyebrow Powder Pencil, which has been such a great help to my brows this year. I still swear by the NYX Tame & Frame Pomade for upping my eyebrow game considerably last year, but the brow powder pencil is perfect for adding a little more dimension and definition to my brows. It’s also ideal when used alone for the days I need to speed up the application as that pomade can be so time consuming!


This powder pencil goes on smoothly, is easily removed when you need to correct mistakes, and looks natural enough when in place. The little spoolie on the other end of the pencil is great for brushing through the brow, I much prefer it to the larger brow brush I used to use, and I feel like it nudges everything into place very nicely.


It’s extremely affordable, at just £5.50 RRP, and yes you could use a separate powder eyeshadow with an angled brush and get the same effect, but I really like that they’ve put it in the form of a pencil as I find it so much easier to use.


Affordable Beauty Roundup Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


So this recommendation is the old favourite I have come back to, the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (I use it in the shade ‘Fair’). For me, this is the ideal combination of coverage and lightness on the skin, so it conceals effectively but also doesn’t settle into my lines.


I have cycled through a number of both expensive and affordable alternatives, as I felt like I wanted to find something with maybe a *smidge* more coverage straight out of the tube rather than needing to build it, but nothing came close to how this performs on my skin. A very close second best was the new Revolution Conceal & Define (I use the shade C1) which worked beautifully in my under eye area but dried out the other areas of my face where I used it to cover spots – especially on my forehead.


The Lasting Perfection concealer retails at £4.19, and I don’t think I’ll be abandoning it again. It’s good to shake things up sometimes and search for a replacement for a holy grail product; there are constant innovations in beauty products with things improving all the time, but in this case my gamble didn’t pay off and I’m happy to recommend this product to anyone – particularly if you have textured, lined or oily skin.


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That brings Affordable Beauty Roundup number 7 to a close, I hope you found these recommendations and mini reviews useful. If you enjoyed this affordable beauty round up, want to catch up with all of my recommendations so far, or see some more of my questionable product photography then you can find the complete series here.

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