Affordable Beauty Roundup #6; Rimmel, Avon & MUA

Affordable Beauty Roundup #6; Rimmel, Avon & MUA

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Affordable Beauty Roundup 6 February Rimmel Avon MUA


I’ve reached the 6th instalment of my monthly affordable beauty roundup series already! Somehow I’ve managed to find 4 to 5 well loved products to recommend to you every month for 6 months now… considering that when I started this series I genuinely thought that I didn’t get on with most of the beauty products already in my collection, I’m really happy! February’s roundup focuses on some old favourite eye and lip products that I used regularly during that month. There are some absolute workhorse products here – one of which I’ve been using off and on for nearly 20 years!


 Affordable Beauty Roundup February Avon Rimmel MUA


As usual, I have been using all of these products for at least the whole month of February, and in this case I’ve actually been using all of these products for more than a year. My skin is uneven and oily with an annoying tendency to be dehydrated plus I have some fine lines, so all reviews are based on that skin type. I’ll also just add I’m not a pro beauty blogger so my terminology etc. might not be up to speed! As ever, these recommendations are for things I genuinely use and love and you will notice signs of usage on all the products photographed.


MUA Whipped Velvet


First up is a lovely soft lip cream, the MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet in Spry. I didn’t see any of the many negative reviews before picking it up as I bought it by mistake thinking I was buying a Makeup Revolution product 😂  But for me it turned out to be a happy error, and I really love it.


This particular shade works wonders for my skintone, having that magical ‘your lips but better’ effect. The fragrance is quite strong but pleasant, and the formula is semi-opaque, really creamy and moisturising. It won’t be winning any awards for longevity, as it tends to wear off after a few hours, but I’ve come to view this as more of a pigmented balm which I keep coming back to for an everyday look.


Rimmel Clear Lipliner Moisture Renew


My second recommendation for February is a super little product which has become a necessity for me in the last couple of years; Rimmel Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lipliner. I have more fine lines around my lips than I care to mention, and as I favour old school non-drying satin lipsticks over liquid mattes, my lip colour starts to bleed and feather within an hour or so. I almost wrote this product off until I learned that I was applying it incorrectly.


A clear liner acts like a dam to stop your lip colour bleeding outwards, so it needs to be applied outside the lip line rather than how you would normally apply and work with a traditional lip liner. It goes on completely clear and keeps everything in place; most importantly it saves me a fortune on lip liner in general as it goes with every lip colour!


Avon Eyeshadow


Next up is a bit of a blast from the past… remember Avon? All of my formative make up and perfume came from my Mum’s Avon lady, and I’ll always be a little nostalgic about their products (when I was a kid Avon Pretty Peach was the height of sophistication!) Anyway, Avon eyeshadow is really good. Highly pigmented, buttery, easy to apply and blend. I received the True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Warm Cashmere as part of a gift set last year and was instantly reminded how much I loved their shadows. The duo consists of complementary colours so for a really quick and easy smokey eye, this is the business. Back when I had an office job I found these warm and slightly sparkly browns perfect for my 15 minute work face!


Rimmel Heather Shimmer


Sticking with the nostalgic theme, I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to recommend to you my ultimate throwback favourite: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Stick in Heather Shimmer. I’ve definitely mentioned it here and on my Instagram multiple times before, but I’ve been wearing this for 20 years and I’m not even sorry. The 90’s are back right now in a big way, and if you want to know what lipstick was in fashion back then, in South Wales we were all wearing either this or its slightly browner counterpart: Coffee Shimmer.


I love Rimmel lipsticks so much; the consistency, pigmentation and fragrance are all superb. The staying power is the same as any other standard lipstick and needs reapplying throughout the day, but it’s my first real love makeup-wise and for as long as they keep making it I’ll keep wearing it!


 Affordable Beauty Rounup February 2017 Swatches

swatches l – r: Avon Eyeshadow Duo in Warm Cashmere lighter shade | Avon Eyeshadow Duo in Warm Cashmere darker shade | MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet in Spry | Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Stick in Heather Shimmer


If you enjoyed the affordable beauty round up this month, and want to catch up with all of my recommendations so far, you can find the complete series here.


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