The Top 5 Posts of 2016 as Chosen by YOU!

The Top 5 Posts of 2016 as Chosen by YOU!

Top 5 Posts of 2016 IKIWNSo this is it, my last post of 2016. What a ride it’s been! To round off the year I decided to check out my blog stats for the last 12 months and find out which of my posts have been the biggest hits with you lot… and it’s a mixed bag to be honest! Without further ado, I’m counting down backwards from 5 to 1… can you guess what was my most popular post of the year?


5.) Tips & Tricks for Plus Size Vintage Shopping


Plus Size Vintage Dress


I loved working on this so I’m really pleased that this is one of my most popular posts of the year. Prompted by receiving this lovely vintage dress from Source Vintage, I decided to share all my best tips & tricks for vintage / charity shopping as a plus size person. I’m happy to think that this has helped anyone who was looking for ways to make plus size vintage shopping work for them and their body, as sometimes charity shopping is a person’s only option to buy clothes and feel good – I know I’ve been in that position more than once.



4.) 5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem


5 Fashion Rules That Are No Longer My Problem


This was an early 2016 post and one that I collaborated on with Simply Be for their “I’ll Take That as a Compliment” campaign. I found writing this to be super cathartic as it was a chance for me to reply to some of the most frequent criticism I get. Things like ‘you can’t wear horizontal stripes’, ‘that skirt is too short’, and ‘you really can’t get away with crop tops’: I rebuffed them all! Perhaps I got a little too heated in my writing as after this Simply Be have never worked with me again 😂



3.) Goddess, Kayla Bella Bra and Brief Set


This was one of the prettiest sets I reviewed in my quest to find the right bra size in 2016 (which I finally did towards the end of this year with the help of the incredible Curvy Kate bra-whisperer). I have since removed all underwear review content from my blog and social media for personal reasons, but I’m not surprised to find some pants in my Top 5 of 2016!



2.) Chronic Pain & Guilt


Chronic Pain & Guilt


Ah, this was a tough post to write; I finally decided to open up about my chronic illnesses in 2016. This post changed a lot in terms of my attitude to myself, my illnesses and my blog, and I’ve realised that visibility is incredibly important. I’m proud of this piece of writing and honestly still blown away by how it was received, I still need to pinch myself when I think about it.



1.) Sleek Face Form Contour & Blush Palette; Light vs Fair


Sleek Contour Kit Fair vs Light


This is far and away my most popular, most read post on the blog this year. It really did stem from me Googling the question ‘Sleek Face Form Light vs Fair’ while I was trying to decide which one to get and nothing coming up for it at all. This little beauty is my favourite contour kit of the year and of all the different ones I tried, it’s the one I keep coming back to.



So that’s it, my top 5 posts of the year, and my last post of 2016. I’m still amazed that I have readers here on my blog, let alone readers that come back for more… so thank you again for being here with me. I hope whatever you get up to tomorrow you have the best New Years Eve, and here’s hoping 2017 is a better year for us all.