High End Brand Spotlight: Marina Rinaldi

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If ever there was a brand whose clothing 100% represented me as a human being then it would be Marina Rinaldi. Of course, sods law dictates that my designer soulmate is high end and so incredibly out of my price range even when they have a sale on (which they right now on the website if you want to have a look). I still often find the time to browse their website for inspiration and to make lottery win wishlists / drool over the beautiful prints.

Today’s post is based on pure self indulgence I’m afraid; I’d really like to share with you just how beautiful these clothes are so I’ve picked out some of my faves, I hope you love them as much as I do!

Marina Rinaldi Brand Spotlight
(Images courtesy of Marina Rinaldi)

Marina Rinaldi has quite the history; founded in 1980, it was the first fashion group to be founded specifically to cater to plus size women and when it began to advertise it’s pieces from 1981 it was the first brand to market directly to plus size women. Indeed, Marina Rinaldi was the first to introduce the Italian expression taglia comoda (which is translated as “plus-size”, but means literally, “comfortable size”), this replaced taglia forte (“outsize”) which had up until this point been used to describe ladies clothing above straight sizes.

Marina Rinaldi Brand Spotlight
(Images courtesy of Marina Rinaldi)

You can really see and feel in the clothing the years of experience of designing from scratch specifically for plus size figures, rather than adding inches to a straight size piece, especially in the dresses. The thought that goes into every piece is so evident; the colour, fabric and print choices are always spot on too. It has the classic lines, loud colours and bold prints that I absolutely love about Italian clothing designers.

It means so much more to me that this brand isn’t primarily straight size that has tacked on a plus size range. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a brand like this that is ‘mine’ as a plus size woman.

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