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As if this is the 100th post on I Knew I Was Next already! Time moves so quickly, and if you’ll indulge me for a moment I’m going to reminisce a little bit. Although, you can scroll right on to the outfit and eBay tips at the end if you’d prefer, I won’t be offended in the least! When I realised this was going to be my 100th post I went back and found my very first outfit post from last year (above on the left). I miss that shirt dress, I remember wearing it to death last summer! How much things change, but how much things stay the same eh?

IKIWN 100 Posts

If you’d have said to me when I first started out that I’d be at this point now with 100 posts under my belt I’m not sure I’d have believed you. I thought blogging might fall prey to my pride, and my fear of looking foolish, and I’d have packed it all in within a month. I’m very happy that didn’t happen.

To say this blog has improved my life is not overstating the case. In amongst the awfulness of 2016 out there in the wide world; personally, my 2016 has been a slow rebuilding of my body, my confidence, and my character with the blog being a central part of that. Thank you. Every one of you that reads this has in some way been crucial to me, most of you without even knowing it.

Oh, and one last thing: if I’ve learned nothing else from all this then I’ve at least learned that if you are just starting out with a new venture (be it a blog or something else) never be discouraged by others, and never think you can’t do it, just get your head down, put your blinkers on, find your groove, and grow.

Well, that’s quite enough of all that, on to the outfit and eBay tips….

Plus Size Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket
Vintage Plus Size Dress Polka Dot Scarf

When circumstances have meant I haven’t been able to pay full price for things out there in the wide world of plus size brands, eBay has been a godsend, enabling me to look and feel great however small my budget is.

In the last of what I’m pretentiously calling my ‘Red Dress Trilogy’ series of posts for AW16; the first being here and the second herethis 70’s vintage dress has been one of my very favourite ever eBay buys. I love how the flared sheer skirt falls, the rounded neckline is perfect, and the print is to die for. I’m so proud of this find, and for £0.99 (plus postage) this was an utter bargain!

The dress came with it’s own belt attached which was the same colour and pattern, but as usual with vintage dresses the waist was much too high for me. So I removed the belt loops and added my own thin, black belt. I knew I’d be styling this with one of my big faux fur coats, and as I’m still 100% here for pattern mixing I chose my leopard print one, throwing in a wide polka dot scarf for good measure.

eBay Curve Red Vintage Dress Polka Dot Scarf
Faux Fur Leopard Print Jacket

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Remember a little while ago I promised I’d share a few of my best eBay bargain hunting tips with you? Well, what better time than this when I’m sharing with you one of my favourite eBay bargain dresses?!

  • First of all: get the app. Having the app on my phone with notifications enabled has improved my eBay shopping skills tenfold.
  • Secondly: save a number of searches ordered ‘Ending Soonest’ filtered by ‘UK Only’ and ‘less than £3’ and check it every couple of days. That particular set up has been the golden combination for me, I currently have saved searches set up for for ‘size 22 vtg dress’, ‘size 22 vtg shirt’ and ‘size 22 skirt’.
  • My third tip would be: know your measurements. The sizing of vintage clothing is very different to sizing now, I always look for size 22 as my measurements are more in line with that size in vintage stuff. Check the listing to see if they’ve popped the measurements in the listing and if not… drop a message to the seller to ask.
  • Lastly, bid for things as late as you can stand. I absolutely hate this when I’m selling but as a buyer it makes perfect sense, it’s an auction site after all. If something ends on a day you won’t be around to bid then by all means throw on a max bid and forget about it (always end your bids in odd combinations, something like £6.53 or £6.07 so when someone tries to outbid you at the last minute with an even number you still come out the highest bidder). If you will be around when the listing ends, get the app so you’ll get a notification to your phone 15 minutes before, then put on your max bid with under a minute to go… as I say, that’s if you can stand it!

And there you have it, I wish you all the luck in the world with your vintage eBaying adventures. And thank you for sticking with me through 100 posts, here’s to the next 100!

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