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 Christmas Snowglobe Tinsel and Candy canes

The year is drawing to a close, and December is finally here! Christmas will be with us sooner than we think, and it’s a time of year that every one of us has our annual traditions for; those special things we enjoy doing with our nearest and dearest over the holidays. 2018 has been full of the biggest ups and downs for me, so this year I want to make sure that in amongst all the preparations for a wonderful festive season, I make a little time for some Christmas treats for myself too.

Whether it’s something small, like picking up some bits in the sales, or booting up Netflix and getting cosy under fluffy blankets for an afternoon of Christmas films in front of the TV. Or whether it’s something bigger like a fancy meal out, or a TV upgrade to watch some of those yuletide favourites in Ultra HD, such as the Oled 4K TV Panasonic, Christmas treats for yourself are absolutely worth considering if you have the time or budget.

Here are some of the Christmas treats, big and small, that I’m lining up for myself this season…

Christmas Films

Netflix Christmas Treats
Images courtesy of Netflix

This year we are so spoiled with Christmas offerings by Netflix. My first two watches of the holiday season were The Princess Switch and The Holiday Calendar, both have been available on the service for a few weeks now and both were completely perfect to whet my Christmas film watching whistle. I particularly loved the tale of The Holiday Calendar, it was so fun to see a story that was a little bit different, and it definitely brought me some genuine festive laughs.

Next on my watch list, I’m going to be indulging in the follow up to last years surprise runaway hit, A Christmas Prince, which is helpfully called A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Then I’ll be embarking on The Christmas Chronicles, because somehow Kurt Russel looks more like Santa now than Santa himself!

Christmas Skincare

 Christmas Treats Winter Skincare 30 plus skin

While I’m snuggled up for my afternoon of watching cheesy films and TV shows, I enjoy using the down time to try and get some of the moisture back into my skin that the cold weather, and central heating, has stripped out by applying face masks and oils. I really like luxurious skincare, but not necessarily expensive; I’m currently absolutely loving the 100% Plant-Derived Squalane [affiliate link] oil from The Ordinary, as it really helps my skin from turning into a dried out desert, and I find it has just the right amount of slip to be able to use it for some facial massage too.

For that extra shot of moisture on particularly dry days, or for a little bit of pampering, I like to pop on a sheet mask too. At the moment I’m working my way through a multi-pack of masks from Korean brand Dermal, but I also love the TonyMoly I’m Real [affiliate link] masks, and for a very special indulgence I pick up some from Skin Republic [affiliate link].

Christmas Treats

Inspired by writing this post, the next Christmas treat I have lined up for myself is a warm glass of mulled wine while I spend a whole day putting up the tree, with some of my favourite Christmas tunes playing in the background to help me. I always feel like it’s not officially Christmas until I’ve heard those opening bars of All I Want For Christmas Is You!

I try to wait until December begins to do the decorations, although it’s not always easy to hold off! We pick up more and more new decorations every year, just little bits and pieces to add to the collection. I love unwrapping each one and reliving the memories that are attached to it, like where we were when we got it and how long it’s been part of our yearly ritual.

Christmas treats to yourself don’t have to be huge, or take up too much of your schedule. They can be as simple as spending a little more time taking care of yourself, taking advantage of the sales to get that one big new purchase for your home, a gadget or a game, even a night out. Doing things for others is so beautiful, and brings so much joy; but doing things for yourself is beautiful too.

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