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I Knew I Was Next is a style, beauty, and personal blog by Zoë Godfrey-Meers


Hello, nice to meet you! My name’s Zoë; a writer and DIY enthusiast based in Dundee, Scotland. After years of feeling the need to close myself off and hide away, I’m arriving at a point in my life where I refuse to accept that either my budget or my size should rule me out of being, or wearing, whatever I want.


When I decided to start blogging here at I Knew I Was Next back in 2015 (I have unpublished my pre-2016 posts as they are really not very good and I couldn’t cope with them being on here!), it became clear pretty quickly exactly what kind of space it would be: fashion, style, beauty, etc… and as the circumstances in my life change, the things I write about change too. Currently, you can find posts about my changing relationship with make up and skincare in my 30’s, my personal experiences of chronic illness, my attempts to turn my DIY skills into a career, and what it’s like navigating a wedding as a plus size bride.


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Press etc


I Knew I Was Next has brought me some wonderful opportunities and experiences over the past couple of years including nominations for the Navabi Plus Size Blog Award in both 2015 & 2017, as ‘One to Watch’ in the Style XL Awards 2017 and in the Fashion category of the UK Blog Awards 2017. My writing has been included in Bustle, I’ve taken a turn modelling for Source Vintage, shared some of my best styling tips for Navabi, and even featured in print for Blogosphere Magazine plus the Daily Record a couple of times: 1 | 2


In late 2017 you may have seen me in an advertising campaign on ITV Be for Simply Be, and you can find me in the pages of a beautiful new plus size style book edited by Bethany Rutter for Ebury Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House UK.





I’ve worked with a wide variety of brands via I Knew I Was Next, including some of the biggest names in plus size fashion, beauty, and events. Here are a selection of some of my previous collaborative posts:



Where Else to Find Me…


From 2016 to 2018, I worked as an editor and contributor for She Might Be, the UK’s first completely ‘plus positive’ online lifestyle magazine and community. You can find all my articles for She Might Be here.


I get asked this sometimes so I’ll admit that I do have a YouTube channel, but I never do anything with it; I always intend to do more videos so you can subscribe if you fancy and be the first to know if it ever happens. I also share my day to day goings on, including an insight into my writing work and training over on Instagram and Twitter  …it’d be cool if you stopped by.