Hello, nice to meet you! My name’s Zoë; I’m a writer, maker, and illustrator living in Dundee with my husband Andrew, too many plants, and not enough cats. I Knew I Was Next is my online home and a reflection of all the things I love as an artist, designer, colour and pattern enthusiast, weird music devotee, sewing apprentice, podcast aficionado, and member of the chronic pain club. Join me as I try to work out exactly what it is I’m meant to be doing with my life, and maybe having a little fun in the process.

A Short History of I Knew I Was Next

2015: When I first started blogging I was hyper-focused on fatshion with an affordable, budget angle. The blog was a bit rougher while I learned how to run a website; I recently unpublished most of 2015’s posts due to their blurry photos and lack of text. I’m not ashamed of them, it was just time.

2016 – 2018: It was during this period that I began to expand the subjects I wrote about to include beauty and longform opinion articles. At the same time, the blog started opening up opportunities to me such as nominations for the Navabi Plus Size Blog Award in both 2015 & 2017, as ‘One to Watch’ in the Style XL Awards 2017 and in the Fashion category of the UK Blog Awards 2017 and 2018.

My writing was included in Bustle, I took a turn modelling for Source Vintage, and I shared some of my best styling tips for Navabi. I also featured in print for Blogosphere Magazine and for the Daily Record a couple of times: 1 | 2

In late 2017 you might have seen me in an advertising campaign on ITV Be for Simply Be, and in 2018 I appeared in a beautiful plus size style book for Ebury Press.

This is also the period when I worked as an editor and contributor for She Might Be, the UK’s first completely ‘plus positive’ online lifestyle magazine and community. You can find all my articles for She Might Be here.

2019 ONWARDS: After losing the first half of 2019 to a flare up of my chronic illness, I came back to I Knew I Was Next with a different perspective. I’m trying very hard to embrace everything that has brought me to where I am today and to accept my altered way of life. I’ve shifted gears, and now this is primarily a personal blog. You can find a mix of articles about things like food, events, disability, and DIYs sitting alongside your more traditional outfit posts and make up reviews. I like how laid-back this space is now, I hope you like it too.

Where Else to Find Me…

I have an illustration and design website over at zoegodfreymeers.com which I’m using as a space to figure out my art style and what I want to say, before eventually developing into a portfolio of work.

As for personal stuff, I tend to keep my social media fairly low key but I can be found sharing my day to day life over on Instagram and Twitter… it’d be cool if you stopped by.

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