• This blog, like most, is ‘PR friendly’. I’m always excited to work with new and existing brands that fit in with the niche of my blog and that I feel my readers will benefit from being introduced to.


  • I keep creative control over all sponsored posts, reviews, etc so I do not accept or consider pre-written content.


  • I am not currently accepting guest posts or infographics on


  • I reserve the right to take the full recommended amount of time to trial an item before reviewing it; for example if a beauty product promises results in 4 weeks, it will be at least 4 weeks until a review appears on the blog.


  • Any items gifted to me will be on the understanding that it is for consideration only and coverage on the blog is not guaranteed. If guaranteed coverage is required then please contact me on the email address below for my sponsored post rates.


  • When I post about gifted items, I will mark the item with a * and fully disclose that it was gifted in the review itself.


  • If a post is sponsored it will be disclosed very clearly in the following manner: “This post is sponsored by *company name*”


  • All links in posts that are sponsored, or posts featuring items that have been gifted to me to consider for review, will be no-follow as per Google’s guidelines. This is to protect the integrity of my work and of



Now that necessary evil is out of the way, if you are happy to work with me based on these guidelines then I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me with some details on