Vintage Dress Layering & Ballet Flats


 Layered 90s Dress Band Tshirt Heart Shaped Sunglasses


It’s been warming up nicely across vast swathes of the UK lately and I have loved seeing so many babes out there representing in their summer dresses already, but – as usual – Dundee is only just starting to reliably reach double figures. The bright and sunny weather has had me looking longingly at all the summer dresses hanging in my wardrobe. Last weekend I realised, even though it’s a little chillier up here, with a bit of layering I can rock my summer dresses too.


Plus Size Layering Vintage Dress Band Shirt


 Plus Size Vintage Dress Corset Back


One of my favourite, and most effortless, ways to layer up strappy summer dresses like this one is to wear them over an old band t-shirt. This particular dress (which I have found an unbelievably good match for here) is a fond charity shop find that has been with me for years. The abstract floral print is very 90’s, as is the button up front and sweetheart neckline. The lace up back has meant that I’ve been able to wear it across four different dress sizes, between UK16 and UK22, which has been incredibly handy! Anything that laces up, or has elasticated panels, is a plus size vintage shopper’s dream.


Vintage Dress Layering


The top I chose to layer it over is this grey one featuring the v.good pop band Personal Best. If you’re thinking that you’ve seen me wear this band shirt on the blog before then you’re right! I wear this so often for a couple of reasons: firstly, it’s the only grey one I own and, secondly, I’m v.proud of my friend so I 100% spread the word about her band whenever I can.


I tried both a black and a white t-shirt before finally going with this one, and whilst both looked good, I loved that the grey was a bit softer against the monochrome dress. As with all standard fit band tees the sleeves cut off in a weird place on me, so I’ll usually roll them up like this for comfort.


Vintage Dress Layered with Band T Shirt


Lace Up Ribbon Ballet Flats


These gorgeous ASOS ribbon tie flats (currently sold out in this colour, but still available in black here) were originally intended to be my wedding shoes, I can’t really do heels anymore and wanted something really pretty for the day! However, we recently moved the wedding forward by six months, so an autumn wedding became a spring wedding and that meant the entire colour scheme had to change too. I’m still keeping that under wraps for now though…


A little note about the fit of the flats: they are ridiculously comfortable, and the ribbon isn’t just there for decoration as they do a really good job of keeping the shoes in place. I sized up once with them, as ASOS shoes can be notoriously on the small side, and even though they aren’t wide-fit they fit me like a dream.


Vintage Dress Layering and Ballet Flats


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  • Wow! I love your dress!! 🙂 I haven’t worn a t-shirt under a strappy dress since the 90’s, but I love this look so much! <3

    • Thank you, this 90’s revival is definitely bringing back my pre-teen style days and I love it! x

  • That’s such a great idea to layer up, perfect for this spring weather we’re enjoying.

    • Thank you, I’m finding the t-shirt great for those days it’s not quite warm enough to wear the dress by itself but it’s too warm for a cardigan. x

  • This look is everything! I love it!

    C xx

    • Thank you! I just couldn’t wait to get those summer dresses back in rotation! x

  • Mel

    I’m jealous of everyone who’s already in their summer dresses without worrying about being cold yet I never thought of layering mine at all! The way you’ve styled this dress is really cute and I love the addition of the shoes.

    • Thank you, I thought about wearing a thin jumper over the dress so it would look like a top/skirt combination, but it actually ended up being a bit too warm! Found the t-shirt to be a great compromise 🙂

  • Such a great way to layer, I like the dress and the ballet flats! So perfect for spring/summer

    • Thank you so much, the bit of layering has been perfect for the unpredictable weather.

  • I love your shoes, especially how the ribbon wraps around the leg. Lovely!

    • Thank you so much, the ribbon was the main selling point to me too 🙂

  • KGR

    Those shoes are so pretty! Also a layering look is brilliant and you can’t go wrong with a band tee x

    • Thank you! I’m so pleased I went to all those gigs in my teens and twenties as I have loads of band tees which have been perfect for this kind of layering up 🙂 x

  • Totally love the flats and the colour is just stunning! I think black ones might be cute too 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, the black ones are really lovely too. They’ve just sold out but I was thinking about picking them up too as they were only £14 which is such a bargain.

  • You look so ready for spring/summer. Kind of jealous! It’s still snowing here 🙁

    • Thank you! Oh wow, it’s still snowy where you are?! I hope the sunny weather finds it’s way to you soon! x