Monochrome Stripes, Neon & New Specs Feat. Sazzmatazz & Specsavers


Specsavers Kylie Minogue Clear Frames


You wouldn’t know it based on the pictures I usually put up online, but I wear glasses. I was prescribed my first pair at around 14; a time when my vanity levels were pretty much off the charts, so when I put them on at school for the first time during a maths lesson, and someone laughed in my face, I took them off and haven’t ever really worn them as often as I should ever since…


Until now, that is. As I live in Scotland, eye tests are free, which is something I didn’t really know until I received a letter through the door from Specsavers showing off their range. I made my appointment and headed along to find out that my prescription means I really should be wearing glasses or contact lenses all the time. The thought of putting in (and remembering to take out) contact lenses terrifies me, so glasses it is.


Plus Size Black and White Stripe Dress


 Black and White Dress with Pockets Plus Size


I chose two pairs, as Specsavers still do their pretty excellent 2 for 1 deal, the clear frames in these pictures are from the Kylie Minogue (!) range and retail at £99. I also chose a gorgeous Love Moschino pair, which retail at £125. The whole experience wasn’t unpleasant, aside from the dreaded machine that rams puffs of air into your eyes, and I’m only sorry that I didn’t address it all sooner. I love my new glasses, and my days of seeing the world in soft focus are over.


On to the outfit itself: this lovely monochrome striped dress is from the online plus size boutique, Sazzmatazz Clothing. It’s available in sizes UK16 to UK28 and is currently on offer for only £20 – which is such a bargain for a such an easy to wear, bold, spring dress. I’m wearing a UK20 here and the fit is a little snug, especially on the arms, so I would recommend sizing up once. I love the way this dress is cut, the waist actually sits at the right point on my body and the length is a true midi on me. It also has pockets, which is the single most useful design feature any dress or skirt can possess.


Sazzmatazz Black and White Striped Dress Plus Size Specsavers Kylie Minogue Clear Frames


As part of my ongoing love affair with yellow, I teamed the dress with my neon clutch bag and flats which you might recognise from this post. The bag was a great bargain eBay find, and the flats were bought from ASOS to attend a wedding last year.


To finish off the look, I pushed the boat out with a blue lip colour. After noticing that I’ve been playing it safe with pinks and reds lately, I dug out this old blue liquid lip with a matching liner which I bought for pennies on eBay. I won’t link to it as throughout the day it turned out to be gross to wear; it’s flakey and takes ages to build up. Still, I enjoyed the effect so I’m definitely looking at buying blue again from a different brand. If you have any recommendations then please let me know!


 Neon Handbag and Shoes Blue Lipstick


For more reviews of the same dress on different bodies check out the wonderful LollyLikes who styled hers with some beautiful green accessories – and did some next level accessorising by matching her frames to the dress, and the lovely Very Hungry Faterpillar who looks beaut with a sparkly, statement necklace and purple lips!


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  • OHMAHGAWD. You look so amazing I’m having to hold off dry humping my screen. I love this outfit and I need some neon in my life! xx

    • Thank youuuu! Can’t ever go wrong with a bit of neon – it’s one of those things that’s never really fashionable but I don’t care because I love it so much! xx

  • Ickle Pickle

    You look fabulous – I love the dress and your accessories. I wear glasses too although I wear contacts most of the time. Kaz x

    • Thank you Kaz, I really wish I could get over the thought of touching my eyes and just do contacts too – but alas, it’s not to be! x

  • I just got a new pair of glasses from Specsavers. Love your specs! 🙂

    • Specsavers are pretty good, aren’t they? I like that they measure up your glasses too so that they actually fit your face properly. x

  • Le Coin de Mel

    Looking beautiful with stripes and glasses on. I love stripes. A stripy top and jeans is my usual uniform 🙂

    • I’m such a fan of stripes too, I had a wardrobe sort out recently and had about 5 or 6 stripy tops in there – I didn’t realise I had that many! 🙂

  • Love the look of these! They look amazing with your style x

    • Thank you so much, Sarah 🙂 I like that they’re probably going to go with most outfits because the frames are clear!

  • I love monochrome, it always looks so effortlessly stylish.

    • Monochrome is so easy to wear, isn’t it? I like how you’ve put it: that it’s ‘effortless’ because it really is but looks so put together.

  • I love the dress, it looks fab on you, and any dress with pockets is a winner as far as I’m concerned! You really suit the glasses, too 🙂

    • Thank you, Jess. I’m always so excited when a dress has pockets! 🙂

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Loving the stripes, the dress really suits you and I adore those specs x

    • Thank you, I’m just starting to get used to them now and I’m really glad that I went for the clear frames. x

  • I love how this looks on you, the stripes are really beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Sarah. I love how the stripes contrast to each other int he top and the skirt too! x

  • love the stripes, the monochrome and the neon but majorly crushing on ur lips!

    • Thank you! The blue was something a little bit different for me but I’m really happy I gave it a go!