Psychedelic Floral Print Dress feat. Traffic People


Traffic People Plus Size Bell Sleeve Dress


You know that feeling you get when you see a piece of clothing that you absolutely love, but then you manage to talk yourself out of getting it? You go back to look at it again and again, each time rationalising not closing the deal: you already have loads of dresses that colour or it’s a bit more expensive than you’d like… but it doesn’t stop you day-dreaming about it though, right? Well, this dress was the one thing this season that I couldn’t stop thinking about so when it finally found it’s way into my wardrobe I could’ve kicked myself for not giving in sooner. I’m so in love with the design!


I 100% intended to photograph this dress on the streets of Porto during my holiday in a couple of weeks, but I got excited and couldn’t wait – so here are a couple of snaps we took here in Dundee just before heading to vote in the local elections yesterday.


Simply Be Plus Size Summer Dress with Floral Print


This is the first piece I’ve ever tried from Traffic People, they have an extensive straight sized range, and for the last 12 months or so have had a capsule plus size collection available exclusively through Simply Be. I’m a huge fan of their use of colour, structure and bold prints, but not being able to find out much about sizing and fit had put me off shelling out the £70 – £90 price tag.


So lets talk about the fit: this dress is a UK18 which feels really generous in the lower body but, like many a plus size brand, the upper arms are a little on the tight side. It’s designed as an empire line fit, with the waist cutting off right under the bust, however if you have a large chest then this torso area might be too short and too tight if you don’t size up. I’m a 38G and it is borderline too small on my body. Whilst length is great, it’s a true midi on me, the sleeves could stand to be a little longer for my frame as the ruffles should start at my elbow as opposed to 3/4 down my upper arm.


 Red Bell Sleeves Dress Simply Be Traffic People


 Plus Size Summer Outfit Traffic People Simply Be


Despite the few niggles with the fit, which would be offset if this dress was made in a material which contained some stretch or can be worked around by sizing up, it feels like such a statement piece! The psychedelic, op art flowers are something that really stand apart in this year’s plus collections overall. I’m really fond of the two tier ruffle bell sleeves and the extended keyhole detail at the back too.


I styled the dress with comfort in mind, as we were out for a short walk, so rather than heels I wore these super comfy wide fit sandals. I also matched the main orange-red colour of the dress with a lovely NYX lip colour that I picked up last year as an alternative to Jeffree Starr’s liquid lip in Anna Nicole, as I no longer buy from that brand.


Armed with a better understanding of their fit, I would definitely pick up something by Traffic People again with the caveat that if the garment doesn’t contain any stretch then I’ll need to size up. Right now have my eye on this gorgeous jumpsuit that is part of their current collection over on Simply Be, and last year they had an exquisite geometric print dress that seems to have found it’s way onto that gem of a bargain site ‘Crazy Clearance’ – so if it ever drops to under £30 then I’ll be all over it!


Traffic People via Simply Be Red Summer Dress


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  • Chelsea Coulter

    I love floral prints. Nice bold colours and patterns for the summer is what I’m all about. It looks great on you

    • Thank you, I absolutely love bold colours and prints for summer too! x

  • Oh wow what an absolutely gorgeous dress, that print is amazing and it looks so good on you.

    • Thank you so much, Sarah! I can’t get over this print, it’s definitely my favourite just now. x

  • Erin Ek Rush

    That dress is so much fun! It looks great on you. I bet you get lots of complements wearing it out!

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s definitely one that people ask me where I’ve got it from the most. x

  • This looks absolutely amazing on you! Like seriously, jaw dropping. I love the print but get what you mean about he empire waist booby thing – I have so many problems in that area and ALOT of dresses get sent back because of it. I also don’t get why plus ranges don’t give just that little bit more room on the arms!

    C x

    • Thank you so much 🙂 It was definitely borderline in that area, if I try to wear it with a padded bra it’s a total no go. Considering it’s so generous from the waist down another inch or two at the bust would have made so much more sense. x

  • I really like the print on this, I am a fan of bold statement dresses x

    • It was the print that sold it to me over and above everything else, even though the sleeves are so nice. Definitely a statement print! x

  • I can’t stop looking at this dress on you. Its super and you look fantastic.

    • Thank you, it’s such a favourite of mine right now – perfect for summer, I keep on wearing it all the time! x