Gold, Green and Leopard; A Strapless Plisse Dream


 Green Gold and Leopard Print Plus Size Outfit


There are very few things in this world that I love more than leopard print. It somehow manages to be both a statement and a neutral at the same time, plus I’m yet to find an outfit that it doesn’t infinitely improve. So when the time came recently to replace my old grey NHS issue crutches with something a little sleeker (and more permanent) I was delighted to find an eBay seller that offers stylish canes in a multitude of excellent patterns – including my beloved leopard!


Gold Clutch Back and Green Strapless Plisse Dress


Green Strapless Plisse Dress Black Heart Creatives Earrings


Green and leopard go together amazingly well, so for this outfit I figured what better way to liven up a lovely green strapless plisse dress than with some dashes of gold and leopard? The dress has remained unworn at the back of my wardrobe forever, as I’ve never been quite sure how to style it, but my love for the bright colour has meant it’s survived every clear out so far. The pattern of the stick led to me picking out the belt and then the gold accessories, which made this early evening drinks ensemble into something I really feel like myself in. Funny how the stick, something I’ve been really struggling to accept, led to me to putting together a look that couldn’t be more fundamentally me.


Green Plisse Strapless Plus Size Dress


Although I have recently found a strapless bra which is heaven sent – the Luxe by Curvy Kate – I’m still an absolute nightmare for wearing strapless things with regular bras. This is especially true if the straps happen to be bright or contrasting with the colour of the outfit. You can see my bra straps in some of these pictures, but when I have to spend upwards of £40 on a bra that actually works do I really want to keep it hidden all the time?


Green Strapless Plisse Dress Red Dior Lipstick


For the gold accents, I wore these lovely new metallic wide fit sandals from ASOS. I did buy them primarily for my upcoming holiday, but when I tried them on at home I found they weren’t quite as ‘wide fit’ as I’m used to from ASOS and they needed some serious breaking in. So I’ve been wearing them around the house and for short outings ever since in a bid to loosen them up a little. The matching metallic ruffle clutch is also from ASOS (sold out in gold, still available in pink here), and I was extremely lucky that the colour match with the sandals is so good as sometimes it can be difficult to judge from a picture.


Sadly, my colour match mojo ran out when I didn’t have a belt in the exact same leopard print as my stick, but I figured the one I’m wearing here was close enough. I’ll be honest with you, it does get to a point where even I find my preoccupation with everything matching all the time to be exhausting! I’ll always be high levels of matchy-matchy, but it feels good to clash sometimes! Finally, and to bring this whole strapless plisse look together, only my most favourite earrings and best red lipstick of all time would suffice.


 Leopard Print Belt Green Plisse Dress and Gold Sandals


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  • I adore this outfit! The green dress looks amazing on you, and I love they way you styled it! I’m not really into leopard print in clothes, but I love it in accessories. Your hair and makeup look fabulous as well! xx


    • Thank you so much for saying such lovely things. I spend so much less time on my hair and makeup than I do picking my outfit, so thank you for the compliment! x

  • Ooh I love the greeness of this dress it is just stunning x

    • Thank you, it’s such a bright green – much brighter than I expected based on the picture online but it was a lovely surprise. x

  • Kacie Morgan

    Green and gold is my favourite colour combination at the moment. You look fab! 🙂

    • It’s such a great combination, isn’t it? I did wonder if it might be a bit too christmassy but without the red, it definitely works for summer 🙂 x

  • This dress looks great on you, can’t believe you kept it hidden at the back of your wardrobe!

    • Thank you, Jenny. I really wish I’d dug it out a lot sooner now! x

  • Jenni Grainger

    You look incredible, I love the dress and it does go really well with leopard print. £40 on a bra, definitely be getting the most out of it!

    • Haha, absolutely! I dream of the day they make more affordable bras in my size but until then, I’m flashing my bra straps 😀 x

  • Ickle Pickle

    I love the dress – the colour is gorgeous on you. Love leopard print too! Kaz

    • Thank you, Kaz. I really need to get more things in this colour! x

  • Becca Talbot

    That dress looks so much better on you than it does on the model in the link below! And I adore your earrings! X

    • Thank you so much, Becca. I get so much wear out of these earrings, they go with pretty much everything. x

  • Louise Smith

    You look amazing in this outfit, Zoe <3 And those earrings! They're just stunning 🙂

    Louise x

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s something I’ll keep coming back to this summer as it’s so comfy too! x

  • Thank you! You just can’t go wrong with a bit of leopard print, it’s so easy to wear 🙂 x

  • Camilla

    That green look good on you!
    I like the big earrings!



    • Thank you so much, Cami – I’ll definitely be coming back to this outfit again over the summer! x

  • oh YES!