AW17 Trends and Where to Find Them in Plus


AW17 TRENDSCatwalk Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash


There is no denying it any longer: the season is a-changing. The clouds are out, the rain is abundant and the leaves are falling from the trees already. It’s happening: autumn is nearly here. My attitude to switching from summer to autumn dressing seems to change every year; I love cosy layers but I miss the sunshine so much. I can’t deny how much the sunny days positively impact my mood, and I’m just not sure if that’s something my love of cardigans and slogan jumpers can make up for in the off months.


To cheer myself up, I’ve been scrolling through my AW17 pinterest board and reading the big name trend reports to see which excellent new AW17 trends I can get excited about, and crucially which ones we can get our hands on in plus.


AW17 Trend: Red

This one is being heralded as a big AW17 trend right across the board, and the beginnings of the new collections are proving it to be true. Red is here, loves – but did it ever really go away? I’m the biggest fan of a strong red dress, so I’m delighted to see so much on offer. Even in plus! This trend will be everywhere, for bonus points team it with pink for a cool as hell look.



AW17 Trend: Sharp Grey Check

This one sounds weirdly specific, and I guess it is, but seriously you couldn’t move for light grey suits on the catwalks for AW17, and it’s something that the plus size brands are picking up on for the coming season. The River Island Plus combination is more of a relaxed cut and I have it on good authority that there’s an excellent one coming up from New Look Curves which is more tailored too. I’m extra excited about this grey check trend because my New Look Curves duster jacket from last year is totally perfect for it!



AW17 Trend: Hi-Shine Silver

Sequin, metals and shine – oh my! There is a lot of fun to be had dressing in this spacey, 90’s goodness in AW17. Metallics were a big trend last year but this time round it’s all about that bacofoil silver.  I love this trend, as it reminds me of the early 90’s metallics – yes, even the silver eyeshadow right up to the brow bone!



AW17 Trend: Decadent Glamour

There are elements of this trend every christmas, luxe fabrics and finishes rear their head every yuletide. But this trend goes beyond that and is all about old hollywood glamour mixed with 70’s glam. Think lamé, velour, lurex and shimmer. Think exaggerated silhouettes and faux fur sex kitten vibes. And all that embroidery you have from previous seasons will definitely fit in here too!



AW17 Trend: Statement Tights

I’ve been banging on about statement tights so much in the last year that I feel like I spoke it into existence. There are two main camps: light coloured, feminine lace tights and bright, block colours often with matching footwear. This was a harder one to find in plus, as good plus size tights are so difficult to source, but in general I would recommend M&S or eBay for affordable patterned and opaque tights to try out this trend.


AW17 fashion seems to be full of bright colours, fun fabrics, great textures, and follows an altogether more sumptuous vibe than previous years. The autumn collections are only just getting started so I’m hoping to see much more tailoring and statement tights from the plus size brands, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for those in particular. Is there anything you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments which trends you’re most looking forward to this season.


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