As a reader, I want to keep everything 💯 with you and make sure you’re comfortable that you can determine when things which appear on the blog have been gifted, if a post is sponsored, or if I’ve bought something myself. Below are the steps I take to ensure everything remains above board:


  • All views expressed on the blog, both positive and negative, are my own and I will never accept payment (either in cash or in kind) for a positive review if it goes against my true opinion.


  • Most of the clothes and make up that I write about and review are things I have bought myself. I am gifted items by brands to consider for a review, when I include these items in an outfit or review post, I will mark them with a * and fully disclose that it was gifted in the text of the review itself.


  • If a post is sponsored, which means I have collaborated with a brand on a project / post or received payment to ensure that a gifted item is featured on the blog, this will be disclosed very clearly in the post. I will also end the post with:“This post is sponsored by *company name*” or “this post is a collaboration.” I don’t accept sponsored posts that are nothing to do with what my blog is all about.


  • Affiliate links are in use on ikiwn.com. This means that when you click to view an item I’ve shared using an affiliate link (I currently use ShopStyle Collective and Skimlinks) I might make between 1p and 4p. This money comes from the company and not from you or any purchase you make; it is also the main (and often only) income this blog generates and goes straight back into the running costs (domain name / hosting / tech support etc). I never add an item because it’s an affiliate link, I find things I genuinely like and check for an affiliate link afterwards.


  • For both the abridged and full versions of the privacy policy – including GDPR compliance – for ikiwn.com please click here:Privacy Policy


  • All images and content are copyright of ikiwn.com unless otherwise stated, please do not use without prior consent (I check periodically with reverse image searches so please… don’t be that guy). Similarly, if you find an image of yours on ikiwn.com that I have not credited correctly or you’d like removed, please just pop me over an email on the address below and I’ll sort it.



For me transparency is the most important thing, so if you’d like to see the version of these guidelines that is aimed at brands then check my work with me page, and if you have any questions about any of the above or want me to clarify something then please do contact me on