Sleek MakeUp Eye & Cheek Palette; Review & Swatches


 Sleek MakeUp Eye & Cheek Palette


I realised that my blog has been outfit heavy of late, so for today’s post I thought I’d keep it light with a quick little review of this sweet eye and cheek palette from Sleek MakeUp. I’m not quite sure how I feel about these combined palettes overall, I’ve always preferred it when different types of product are packaged separately. Initially, when I got this mini palette in a beauty box the other month, I set it aside without much excitement. However, I’ve been casting my eye over my make up again this week through the lens of ‘what is going to be most useful for holiday’ – turns out that this little baby is not only portable, it’s super versatile too.


 Sleek MakeUp Eye & Cheek Palette See You At Midnight Close Up


The Sleek MakeUp Eye & Cheek Palette in See You At Midnight is mainly made up of bright jewel tones, many of which have a slight duochrome cast to them. The two larger pans are blushes – the dusky rose brown ‘Antique’ and the rich burgundy pink ‘Pomegranate’ –  both of which are available to buy separately. The shadows are some of the top shades from the i-Divine Palette in Vintage Romance. The blush and shadow shades have all been chosen to complement each other perfectly to make creating looks really easy. However all these shades are shimmery, so if you’re more keen on matte makeup then this might not be the palette for you.


As you can see from the swatches below, aside from the Pomegranate blush, the pigmentation isn’t as great as some of the other products I have tried from Sleek, I needed to take quite a few passes at them to get the colour to show up on camera. The formula is easily built up though, and they’re smooth and blend very well. I found them easy to work with and there was minimal fallout, just a tad more on the darker colours as is to be expected. The purple and blue shadows have the most noticeable duochrome cast to them, which gives added dimension when applied over the whole lid.


Sleek MakeUp Eye & Cheek Palette See You At Midnight Swatches


I mentioned how versatile this palette is, and for me the best thing about it is that each of the shades here can be used for things other than their intended purpose. The Pomegranate blush, which is my favourite product in this palette, can also be used as an eye shadow. The shade rivals that gorgeous pink ‘Love Letter’ from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette – albeit a little more shimmery – and also shades like Porter or Paradox from Colourpop. The Antique blush is great as a bronzer when used with a light hand, and the gold shadow works as a gold toned highlighter, which looks wonderful with sunkissed holiday skin.


I’m very fond of this little palette overall. It’s perfect for my upcoming week away; I’m only taking hand luggage and I really need to travel light, so anything like this which cuts down on the amount of make up products I have to pack is a godsend. It retails at £9.99, a little more than I would happily pay for it, but Superdrug have 3 for 2 offers on Sleek MakeUp very frequently which is when I’d definitely pick another one of these up.


Sleek MakeUp Eye & Cheek Palette See You At Midnight


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  • Wow those colours are so vibrant, I don’t think I’d be able to use these on my cheeks, but as eye colours they’re lovely x

    • They are a little bright on the cheeks to be honest, I love the pomegranate but it does need to be applied carefully! x

  • shoshana sue

    This pallette is gorgeous. I love the shimmer in the colours. I think the blues are stunning and I would like to try it

    • I love the shimmer too, it shows up really well in the blues! x

  • This is such a beautiful palette. The shades are very pretty x

    • I love how they all compliment each other so well too, so easy to put looks together. x

  • I have this palette but I have to agree with you the pigmentation isn’t great which is a shame as the colours are pretty. It does look nice after a few swipes though x

    • Yeah, it takes a bit of building which is a real shame – funny how one of the best for pigmentation is the one that’s meant to be a blush! x

  • Angela Milnes

    Omg. I’m In love with this palette this is so beautiful and I love the perfect shades. Glad you share this

    • Thank you, so glad you like the look of it. It’s such a versatile little palette. x

  • Natasha Mairs

    I own one sleek product that is a concealer palette and i love it. Will be buying some more Sleek make up when I have some spare money. I really love the colours of this palette, so this will probably be first on my list

    • I am such a fan of Sleek, their highlighter palette in Solstice is my go-to at the moment. Such great products for an amazing price! x

  • jenifer baLatico

    I always fancy seeing posts about makeups and palletes but I never wanted to own one, maybe just because I am not a fan of makeup but those are really fabulous

    • Glad you like the sound of this one, it really does have some lovely shades in it. x

  • I love little pallets that just work and have different shades for different looks so your not taking loads away with you I have a few go to palletes for my holiday x

    • This is definitely a keeper for holidays, it really served me well on my week away in the end. x