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Hello! Welcome to I Knew I Was Next: a plus size fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog which has been serving up budget friendly realness since the summer of 2015. My name’s Zoë; I’m a whiskey drinking, tattoo and snack enthusiast with a love of strong perfume, big earrings and an eye for a great bargain. I’m also an editor over at She Might Be, the UK’s first online community magazine by plus size bloggers and writers.


As much as I love my day job (I’m a freelance writer and illustrator), I get the most joy out of everything this blog is about: great outfits, sweet bargains, awesome brands, easy DIY’s and vintage finds. I’m also here for plus size people who love fashion and simply want to see clothes styled on bodies that look more like their own.


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My own style has been described as “1950’s Pat Butcher” and “90’s high school drama teacher”, and I really can’t argue with either! I like to think of it as classic shapes but with a bright, bold, matchy-matchy twist. I love looking at current trends for new styling ideas, but I’m not necessarily ruled by high fashion too much. My fave designer inspirations include D&G, Valentino, Vivetta and Gucci. My fave plus size brands at the moment are Navabi, Plus Equals, Junarose, BooHoo Plus and River Island Plus. But my first love will always be for everything thrifted, indie and vintage.


For reference when looking at the way clothes and shoes fit me in my photos: I’m a UK size 18, I’m around 5’10” and I wear a shoe size 7E. I am also learning to live with chronic pain and fatigue, so sometimes you’ll see me with crutches or a stick in my pictures.


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If you’re a new reader then I’m really pleased you have found me here and a big, big welcome to the blog; I hope you’ll join us and stay a while. To start you off, why not have a browse through some of my latest outfit posts to get a feel for my style, and if you’re more into beauty posts then I have some of those too! If you have a little more time to spare and fancy sinking your teeth into a long read, my opinion and writing can be found here, and everything I’ve posted about my upcoming wedding is collected together here.


Oh, and one last thing before I forget; if you’re wondering why the blog is called ‘I Knew I Was Next’… well… this is why: