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I Knew I Was Next is an award nominated UK plus size fashion, affordable beauty and lifestyle blog


Hello, loves! My name is Zoë Meers; I’m a blogger, content creator, copywriter, and illustrator currently based in Dundee, Scotland. I’ve always had a fondness for fun and colourful fashion, refusing to accept that either my budget or my size would rule me out of taking part, so when I first started I Knew I Was Next back in 2015 it made perfect sense that the main focus would end up being plus size fashion and style.


As circumstances in my life have changed in the last couple of years, so has this blog. I’ve opened it up and started writing about other things such as my new found love for make up and skincare, my experiences with chronic illness, and what it’s like navigating wedding planning as a plus size bride-to-be.


I’m here for the bargain hunters, the DIY lovers, the people who enjoy having fun with their outfits, and those who just want to see outfits worn on bodies that look more like their own. I’m incredibly keen to do what I can to lend my voice to the push for more diverse representation in fashion and beyond – we’ve not been doing our jobs properly until everyone can see themselves fairly and regularly represented in the media.


Where to Start


If you’re a brand new reader then I’m so pleased you have found me; I hope you decide to join us and stay a while. Here are some good places to start jumping right in:

  • Check out some of my latest outfit posts and get a feel for my style.
  • If you’re more into beauty posts then I have some of those too, all with an affordable angle.
  • Have a little more time to spare and fancy sinking your teeth into a long read? My opinion articles and writing can be found here.
  • The story so far about my upcoming wedding is collected together here, along with some helpful tips and tricks if you’re planning your own wedding as a plus size bride or groom.


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I Knew I Was Next has brought me some wonderful opportunities and experiences over the past couple of years including nominations for the Navabi Plus Size Blog Award in both 2015 & 2017, as ‘One to Watch’ in the Style XL Awards 2017 and in the Fashion category of the UK Blog Awards 2017. My writing has been included in Bustle, I’ve taken a turn modelling for Source Vintage, shared some of my best styling tips for Navabi, and even featured in print for Blogosphere Magazine and the Daily Record a couple of times: 1 | 2


In late 2017 you’ll have seen me in an advertising campaign on ITV Be for Simply Be, and you can find me in the pages of a beautiful new plus size style book edited by Bethany Rutter for Ebury Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House UK.





I’ve collaborated with a variety of brands ranging from some of the biggest names in the plus size fashion and beauty world, through to introducing new independent brands that I know readers will love!



If you have found your way here because you’re looking to collaborate, then please check out my ‘Work With Me’ page for more information.


Where Else to Find Me…


I work as a contributor and editor for She Might Be, the UK’s first completely ‘body positive’ online lifestyle magazine and community which focuses on beauty, plus size fashion, sex, events, mental health, disabilities, wellbeing, family, weddings, swimwear, accessories and so much more.


You can catch all my latest outfits before they land on the blog, or on Instagram, by joining me on the Looker app.


You can also find me (very, very) sporadically vlogging my way through life on YouTube, sharing my day to day goings on over on Instagramor rambling away on Twitter – come say hi!