Plus Size Wishlist: Navabi Summer Style for Under £50

    Navabi Summer Wishlist Under 50


    I’ve never really made much of a secret of my love for Navabi. Their clothing makes my chubby little heart happy and they have always been one of those brands that just gets it right across the board. When shopping with Navabi, for me it’s a case of quality over quantity. Whilst I know I can pick up a number of fast fashion pieces for the same price as one piece from Navabi, I also know that I’ll probably still be wearing the Navabi piece in five years time. Each kind of clothing has it’s place, and I love fast fashion (where it is available in my size) as much as I love picking up slightly more expensive items each season. I do shop smart with Navabi, their sales are incredible and there are always lots of opportunities to win vouchers and outfits through their social media channels. As I’m all about the budget, I’m not too keen on spending more than £50 on a single item, so I bring you my picks of the best Navabi summer style available right now for under £50.


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    What If I Don’t Always Feel So Body Positive?

    What if I don't always feel so body positive?


    TW / CD: Body discussion, weight discussion, feelings about body size / weight / self image etc


    Despite my reservations about the current use of the term, I’ve used ‘body positive’ as a catch all for my feelings about myself and my body for a long time. I’m fat positive. I’m a self love advocate. I believe that all sizes, all genders and all orientations deserve to feel powerful, valued and valid (as well as hawt, sexy and desired if those are things they want too). It took me time, energy and some serious damn strife to get to where I am now; so what about those shaky days, those backward steps, those down days where I might not be practicing what I preach? So what if I don’t always feel so body positive? What then?


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    Wearing Tops as Dresses; Seventies Luxe

    Simply Be Seventies Luxe


    Where ever my style journey takes me, I always end up coming back to one look: one that I like to call Seventies luxe. Black and gold, big earrings, sparkly fabrics and a red lip. When I bought this split side tunic a while ago I planned to dress it down with jeggings or cigarette pants, but halfway through getting ready for a night out I realised I didn’t need to team it with anything other than a pair of opaques and red lipstick. I feel this is the beginning of a ‘wearing tops as dresses’ adventure for me!


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    Legs Out! ASOS Curve Denim Dungaree Dress

    ASOS Curve Denim Dungaree Dress


    It’s nearing the end of April, and my winter wardrobe is slowly being replaced by more and more of my summer items. In some cases, I’m finding I can repurpose winter items to be worn in the spring and summer too. Take this denim dungaree dress from ASOS Curve for example. Worn with opaque tights and a jumper in the winter, in the warmer weather it’s time to get my legs out and style it with trainers and a crop top. Summer here I come!


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