Leave? EU Gots to be Kidding Me

    EU Referendum; Vote Remain


    I know, I know: another day another opinion post about the EU referendum. It’s the day before we all have to go and make the most important decision that we should really never have been asked to make. The culmination of a ridiculous chain of events stemming from the last election and the last minute Tory panic about UKIP stealing votes has now lead us here.



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    Laid Back Florals with Zizzi; Wearing Old Items in New Ways

    Zizzi Floral Shirt Dress Duster Jacket


    Since my last post and my huge wardrobe cleanse, I have been making much more of an effort to wear my rediscovered old favourites in new ways. This gorgeous Zizzi shirt dress which was a winter staple for me (I styled and blogged about it in this post) is a great example. I gave it a new lease of life and wore it as a lightweight oversized duster jacket / cover up with a mini dress one sunny afternoon.



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    The Summer Maxi Skirt; Shopping Your Own Wardrobe

    Plus Size Fashion - Simply Be Khaki Skirt Peacocks Cream Shirt


    This outfit has been a long time coming, whilst Scotland definitely got into spring with gusto, I thought summer was never going to come… BUT NOW IT’S HERE! My summer pieces from last year have been put back into my wardrobe and I can start to shop for new bits from this season’s collections. But before grabbing anything new, I’m trying to be more mindful of what I already own. By going through my wardrobe and taking a moment to consider everything I already have, I realised that this old season khaki maxi skirt from Simply Be and this mesh panel cream shirt from Peacocks look really great together!




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    Best High Street Skincare Products for Oily, Acne Prone Skin in your 30’s

    Best High Street Products for Oily Acne Prone Skin Care in Your 30s


    Part way through last year I really thought I had my skincare routine down to a fine art and I wrote what, at the time, was the definitive post on the best way I have found to deal with my oily, acne prone skin in my 30’s. It just so happens that the list is High Street centric as tend to only use High Street products due to their affordability and availability. That post remains one of my most read, with readers finding my blog by searching for a solution to their own skin problems. Since writing the post, I have refined the products I use again; so now I’m a few months in and I’m certain that these products are working for me I figured it was time to write a update! So, here are the new products, in the order I use them and how I use them too.



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    Marks & Spencer Collection, Floral Full Cup Bra & Brief

    Marks & Spencer Collection Bra and Brief


    It’s been a while since I’ve taken any more steps on my journey to find the right bra size after using an online calculator at the end of last yearI have tried a number of different brands, and whilst I’m kinda getting there, it’s definitely slow going. I’ll be honest, I found myself wearing my ancient (but trusty) M&S padded 38F again – which I was starting to suspect resembled nothing like an actual 38F any more! So I bit the bullet and went in to try Marks & Spencer again, this time I left with a couple of 40DD full cup lace bras with no padding. The design is so outside of my usual taste but I figured why not?


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