The One Plus Size Style Tip I Wish I’d Known About Sooner

    Plus Size Style Tips


    Over the years I have read all manner of plus size styling tips and tricks to hide this, accentuate that, flatter my size and style my body in all kinds of ways. After trying them all (and yeah, I really have tried them all!!) it turns out the only one that ever really mattered is the one that took me the longest to discover…



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    Vincenzo Allocca Floral Trousers with Navabi; A Versatile Statement Piece

    Navabi Floral Trousers


    As its getting on for late summer I’m starting to consciously pick out some good quality transitional pieces that will help me to navigate the ups and downs of the ever changeable Scottish weather. Pieces that will get me through a sunny morning, a downpour in the afternoon and then gale force winds of an evening. The main thing I’ve realised will help with all those conditions, and that I have a severe lack of in my wardrobe at the moment, is trousers. So this beautiful floral pair* by Vincenzo Allocca (c/o Navabi) have slotted in to my regular wear roster with ease. As they are such a statement I have decided to style them in two different ways today: dressed up and dressed down, to show just how versatile a bright and bold piece like this can actually be.



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    Give Yourself a Break: Don’t Force It, Don’t Fake It

    Dont Force It Dont Fake It


    For a variety of reasons, the week leading up to my birthday is not one of my faves. Every year since my teens I’ve gotten tense about it and will reel off huge lists of all the ways that I’m not thriving. I know why I do this, but so far I’ve not been able to stop it. I try though, I try every year, and this year has been no exception. On a black and uncomfortable day I pushed on and attempted an outfit shoot. I genuinely thought I was doing the right thing for my creativity and sanity but the result was an outfit that didn’t represent me well and uncomfortable photos. I’m not a model, I don’t have a ‘team’, a manager or a stylist. I’m just me…  and I fuck it up sometimes.



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    ASOS Curve Wiggle Dress Hack; Plus Size Clothing DIY

    ASOS Curve Wiggle Dress Alteration


    Most plus size lovelies I know have at least one of the classic ASOS curve wiggle dresses in their wardrobe. This dress looks incredible on everyone that I’ve seen wearing it (as long as you size up once or twice depending on the print). I have had this floral number sitting in my wardrobe for a while, I wore it to a recent wedding teamed with the same neon yellow shoes and bag I’m wearing in this post. When I saw the lovely Stephanie from Nerd About Town tweet the other day about this dress being one of her faves, I remembered that I still had mine earmarked for a no-sew alteration, and so here it is in it’s new life as a structured top.



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    AW16 Trend You Can Buy Now: Velvet

    AW16 Trends Velvet


    I could not be happier about one of this coming season’s biggest trends… velvet! It’s one of my all time favourite fabrics and it’s going to be big, big news in AW16. It’s already being worn extensively in fashion circles, and it’s something that you can get the jump on early if you like as there are lots of lovely velvet pieces already in the summer collections and sales. Here I have picked out my plus size velvet faves to pick up now and stay ahead of the curve, many of them are heavily discounted too!



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